Anti-Semites had a field day Sunday, blaming Israel's Mossad intelligence agency for the traffic accident in which Austria's Nazi sympathizer leader Joerg Haider was killed on Saturday.

Austrian police said he was driving his car at breakneck speed when it veered off a road and overturned several times, causing fatal chest and head injuries. His Future of Austria party won 30 percent support in elections last month after a campaign in which he promoted his anti-immigration policies. His past speeches have included praise for the Third Reich and comments that Nazi concentration camps were actually "disciplinary camps."

However, anti-Semitic bloggers immediately spread the word that Israel actually engineered the accident. Blogs based their claim on a Times of London article three years ago, under the headline "Mossad spied on far-right Austrian." Times journalist Roger Boyes told readers that Peter Sichrovksy said he was a Mossad informant while serving as secretary-general of the Freedom Party, which Haider formerly headed.

The "Jewishconspiracyexposed" website claimed, "This was [a] Zionist Jew job to prevent Haider’s success in politics after big stock market scam that Jews are now pulling." The website insisted that "Haider was driving in 30 mph in [a] quiet country town" and that it was not possible that his car was as badly damaged as pictures showed and that he suffered fatal injuries.

This was [a] Zionist Jew job to prevent Haider’s success in politics after big stock market scam that Jews are now pulling.

"Would [a] car be in this condition if it was driven in speed of 30 mph?" the site asked. "Austrian government cars are made extra strong, but oddly this time physic laws [sic] didn’t apply." It added, "An initial investigation of Jewish detectives uncovered no signs of foul play" and then tacked on the comment, "Jewish detectives found no evidence of foul’s [sic] play?

"If Jews had spy [sic] as Haider's aide, then why couldn’t they kill him just before second Great Depression that is caused by Jewish bankers?"

Another anti-Semitic site dug out previous articles to build a case for a Mossad plot against Haider and concluded, "Tragic as it may seem about the fate of the politicians who end up being murdered for daring to challenge Zionist power elite with 'politically incorrect views', one thing is certain: the Zionist regime of Israel will perish when the time is right."