Hawara checkpoint
Hawara checkpoint Photo: Flash 90

Arab Attempts to Stab Soldier

An Arab terrorist arrived at the Hawara checkpoint south of Shechem Wednesday afternoon, approached a soldier and pulled out a knife with a 10 centimeter blade. The soldier cocked his weapon in response and the terrorist threw down the knife. He was then overpowered and arrested by other soldiers.

The terrorist is aged about 16. He has been transferred to the hands of security forces for interrogation.

Goggles and a pail of water

Soldiers at the Hawara checkpoint have been equipped with protective goggles following two recent attacks against them by Arab terrorists armed with acid. Wednesday's edition of Yisrael HaYom daily newspaper shows a photograph of two of the soldiers manning the checkpoint wearing the goggles.

In addition, the soldiers have been equipped with a pail of water and a blanket in case Arabs try to set the checkpoint on fire using fire bombs or other means.

Doctors are struggling to save the eye of a Golani soldier who was attacked with acid at the checkpoint on Monday this week.