Jerusalem magistrate Ilta Siskind has banned three Jews from leaving their homes in Judea and Samaria for 90 days although they have not been charged with a specific crime, reported.

Efrion Oppenheimer, Aryeh Davis, Alexander Ostrovsky and a 17-year-old were arrested last week when they were hiking in Samaria. Police arrested them based on charges from Bedouins and Arabs that they punctured tires and a water pipe. "The complainant hasn't yet come to complain, but we have his contact info, and he will reach us through the sheikh," police detective Yair Aharon told the court.

The complainant hasn't yet come to complain.

Davis pointed out that the police did not arrange an identity line-up and that instead the police brought a Bedouin into the investigating room, and he pointed to the four suspects without identifying an individual.

"None of them was identified as someone who punctured tires or threatened with weapons but everyone said they were in the area," Aharon said. 

The police detective asked the magistrate to accept police recommendations for punishment to deter other young Jews from hiking in Judea and Samaria and disturbing the Palestinians and Bedouin.

"We are speaking about a hike that is organized for the purpose of causing damage and destruction," Aharon said. "I know that next week there is going to [be] a similar exhibition [hike]. I believe that the decision of the court will have consequences and an influence and they will learn how to behave because of this decision, and if the court will agree to our request, this will prevent phenomena like these."

 "We haven't received a complaint but on the face of it, it appears that there is a lack of justice," Nirit Moskowitz, spokesperson for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, said. "They should investigate first."