Mitzpe Yitzhar
Mitzpe Yitzhar

"It's very difficult to understand why in these days, when we are constantly being attacked on the roads and we are living under all kinds of difficult conditions, the Israeli police came to destroy a caravan [belonging to] a young couple who are going to get married next week," Michal Ben-Avraham of the Samarian community Yitzhar told Israel National News TV.

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Ben-Avraham spoke to INN-TV outside the Ariel police station, where she had come looking for her 15-year-old son.  He had been arrested the night before when he protested against the police's intention to tear down the immobile trailer home.

"I came to the police station, because during the events in Yitzhar there were witnesses seeing him getting arrested by police," Ben Avraham said. "Also I understood that he was beaten, so I was very worried."

"He tried to help his friends to avoid the complete destruction of a new caravan [belonging to] a young couple," She said, adding that the groom and bride are both children of Yitzhar and so "all the youngsters are very involved and [feel] that they have to protect their friends' new home."