The latest edition of Israel's most popular English TV show, Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem, is dedicated to the upcoming holiday of Shavuot (Feast of Weeks).  Show hosts Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abromowitz share their unique insights in brief monologues sprinkled with captivating stories.

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Special guest Yishai Fleisher of IsraelNationalRadio tells about a circumcision ceremony he attended in the ancient Jewish town of Hevron. The mohel (ritual circumciser) sighed and told Yishai that getting to such a remote location wasn't so easy for him. Yishai retorted with a Zionist answer which ties right into the holiday of Shavuot.

The must-watch segment of Tuesday Night Live for many is the weekly "Meet the Street" segment in Jerusalem. Ari and Jeremy went to downtown Jerusalem and asked passersby to share their thoughts about the holiday of Shavuot which celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai.  They also asked some of them what their favorite mitzvah (commandment) in the Torah was. Skip ahead in the video above to the 15:11 minute mark to hear what random Israelis and visitors had to say on "Meet the Street."

Rabbi Shlomo Katz, the singing, whistling and dancing Rabbi, entertains viewers with his music, insights, and stories.

If you want to hear the greatest Jewish music being produced today, you can hear it each week with the Tuesday Night Live house band and the special guest singing artist.

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