IDF Strike Kills 2 Rocket-Launching Terrorists
IDF Strike Kills 2 Rocket-Launching Terrorists

An IDF air strike killed two Hamas terrorists Wednesday morning following fierce gun battles in southern Gaza.

Earlier in the morning, at least 14 mortar shells were fired at soldiers operating in Gaza, near the Sufa Crossing. IDF Shaked and Givati Brigade soldiers, backed by tanks and helicopters, are searching the area for terrorists and weapons. The soldiers reportedly made several arrests among local Arab terrorists.

Once IDF troops on location identified the source of the mortar fire, an air strike targeted the source, killing the two Hamas terrorists.  A second air strike an hour later hit another rocket launching cell preparing to fire mortar shells, wounding six.

An IDF soldier was wounded lightly in the gun battles with Hamas terrorists. He was evacuated to Be’er Sheva’s Soroka Hospital, where he is in stable condition.

Arrests in Judea and Samaria

Twelve wanted terrorists were apprehended in IDF operations in Judea and Samaria overnight Tuesday. The wanted men were turned over to the Shabak (General Security Service) for interrogation.

Earlier Tuesday, IDF forces in PA-assigned Kalkilya arrested three wanted terrorists. During searches in the area soldiers unearthed a pistol and two magazines. The contraband was seized and suspects brought in for questioning by security forces.

Rock Attacks

A Jewish motorist traveling through the Arab village of Tekua, in eastern Gush Etzion, was targeted by rock-throwing Arab attackers. An Arab teacher and his students pelted the Jewish woman's car with stones as she traveled on the road from Efrat to Jerusalem via Tekoa. Her car sustained damage to the windshields and side windows, but she was not injured. Her husband said he was riding behind her in another vehicle and saw 50 youth standing behind a guardrail.

The teacher and youth were on an outing when they attacked. Israeli media have not reported the incident, one of several that occur on a daily basis but which have become accepted as routine. Rock thrownings have led to loss of control of the vehicle and even to death, as in the case of Amitai Kapach of Bet El.

Jewish motorists were also targeted with rocks at the Yitzhar Junction in Samaria Tuesday. No injuries were reported.

Iranian Rockets Reach Gaza via Sudan and Egypt

Iranian Grad-type Katyusha rockets are entering Gaza via Sudan, Egyptian Red Sea ports and over the Sinai desert before being smuggled through tunnels, the Associated Press reports. Its reporter saw an 18-inch fragment of a rocket, and many rockets and weapons bear signs of Iranian paint, lettering and serial numbers.

The AP also quoted Israeli security officials that Syria still is helping Hizbullah stockpile weapons and that trucks and airplanes carry Iranian made rockets across the Syrian-Lebanese border. The news agency said that despite questions on the extent of Iranian involvement, it is clear that Tehran has been more active since the Shi'ite Muslim government replaced Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.