Two IDF air strikes struck terrorist cells in Gaza Wednesday night.

The first strike hit a Hamas cell in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya, though it is not clear if any of those targeted were wounded in the blast.

A short while later another strike targeted a group of terrorists in Beit Hanoun, killing one and wounding three, according to Palestinian Authority reports.

On Monday, IDF strikes killed three armed terrorists in two air strikes – one of which was followed by the pursuit of the terror cell by IDF Givati Brigade infantry forces. An air strike on Sunday killed two terrorists driving in southern Gaza’s Rafiah region.

IDF Defuses Gaza Rocket Launcher

IDF forces operating on the Gazan side of the security fence located a ready-to-launch short range rocket and defused it Wednesday. No one was hurt.

A single mortar shell was fired at the force but hit no one. Two other mortar shells were fired at Israel Wednesday but hurt no one.

In Judea and Samaria, IDF counter-terror operations led to the arrest of 12 wanted terrorists Wednesday night. A revolver and several cartridges of bullets were also confiscated.

Fire Bombs Thrown at Jewish Motorist

Arabs threw two fire bombs which hit an Israeli car Wednesday night near Azun, east of Kalkilya in Samaria.  The car was damaged but no casualties were reported.

Checkpoints Work

The number of stoning and firebomb attacks on Israeli vehicles dropped drastically during the Passover holiday, following an increased presence of security forces on the highways in Judea and Samaria.

In the period prior to Passover, terrorists daily targeted Jewish motorists with numerous attacks, causing injuries and widespread damage on a regular basis. The Olmert administration had previously ordered a reduced presence of soldiers in order to ease restrictions on Arabs as a way of gaining favor with the Palestinian Authority.