Terror attack thwarted
Terror attack thwarted

Early in the afternoon, Hamas terrorists attempted another sneak infiltration attack in Israel. The target was the Kerem Shalom crossing at the Israel-Egypt-Gaza border, through which Israel continues to stream food and supplies into Hamas-run Gaza.

An alert IDF desert patrol unit, generally comprised of Bedouin soldiers, identified the cell of three terrorists attempting to infiltrate into Israel near the crossing.  The soldiers opened fire, killing one and wounding another, and took off in pursuit of the third.

The attempted attack eight days after Hamas terrorists from Gaza fired a heavy barrage of mortar shells at the Nachal Oz area, creating a cover under which two terrorists infiltrated the fuel depot there and murdered two employees - Oleg Lipson, 37, and Lev Cherniak, 53, both of Be'er Sheva.

In January 2002, four Bedouin soldiers of this unit were killed in the same area in a Palestinian terrorist attack. Two Gazan terrorists, carrying explosive belts, assault rifles, grenades, and dressed in PA police uniforms, infiltrated into Israel before dawn and killed them in their base near Kerem Shalom.

Close to 320 trucks have made their way from Israel to Gaza in just the past three days alone - including nearly 90 through the Kerem Shalom crossing - carrying many types of food, medical equipment, and various goods.


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