Arabs inspect car destroyed in IAF strike
Arabs inspect car destroyed in IAF strikeArchive

An Israel Air Force (IAF) strike in the Sajaya neighborhood of Gaza City killed three terrorists late Wednesday night.  IDF officials said that two of those killed were involved in a fatal attack on the Nachal Oz crossing fuel depot earlier in the day.

During the attack on the crossing, IDF soldiers managed to eliminate two of the terrorists.  Two terrorists who managed to escape were killed shortly afterwards in yet another IAF strike in northern Gaza. Two other male Arabs in their 20's who were traveling with them were killed as well.

A total of nine Gaza Arabs were killed in the attack on Nachal Oz and the two IAF strikes that followed.  At least six of those killed were armed terrorists who were directly involved in the attack.

The Al-Jazeera network reported that the IAF hit a house in Gaza City shortly after the Nachal Oz attack.  IDF spokesmen confirmed that the air force had hit a target in the Gaza City area.  Gaza Arabs did not report casualties in the strike.

Attacks on Gaza Belt Communities Continue

Attacks on Gaza Belt communities continued on Wednesday following the Nachal Oz attack.  Terrorists fired two Kassam rockets at Israeli communities on Wednesday evening.  The rockets landed in the Eshkol region and did not cause injury.

Approximately two hours later, terrorists fired mortar shells at the communities of Nachal Oz and Alumim.  Both communities suffered heavy shelling during the attack on the fuel depot earlier in the day.  No injuries were reported.

Attack Victims Identified

The two Israeli victims of the Nachal Oz attack were identified as Oleg Lipson and Lev Charniak.  Lipson, 37, and Charniak, 53, worked at the fuel depot.  Both resided in Be’er Sheva.