A survey carried out the Panels Research Institute finds that more than 75% of Israelis see partial or total transfer of Israeli-Arabs out of Israel in any final-status agreement that includes a Palestinian state.

The poll asked whether it would be justified, in the framework of an agreement for the establishment of a Palestinian state, to demand the transfer out of Israel of all Arabs.  Nearly 30% said yes with no reservations, while 28% said only Arabs who did not express loyalty to Israel should be expelled.  In addition, another 19% said that Arabs who lived in areas bordering the PA-controlled areas, such as Wadi Area and the southern Galilee, should be transferred out.

The remainder, just under 25%, said no Arabs should be transferred out.

The survey encompassed 668 respondents, taking part in a series of Panel4All internet surveys.  The Panels Institute says the respondents are a representative sampling of the adult population in Israel, and that the margin of error is 3.7%.

Another finding of the survey shows that 43% of Israelis feel Arabs in Israel are discriminated against.  In addition, 40% feel that Israeli-Arabs have an exclusively Palestinian national identity, while 50% feel they have both Palestinian and Israeli national identities, with the former taking precedence.