Sderot after a Kassam attack
Sderot after a Kassam attack(Photo: Flash 90)

Palestinian Authority terrorists launched some twenty Kassam rockets on the western Negev community of Sderot Wednesday night.

The rockets were fired from northern Gaza, according to Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal, who told Voice of Israel government radio that a dozen of the rockets landed in and around his city.  The rest exploded south of the coastal city of Ashkelon, site of several strategic installations.

Windshield and passenger window of car damaged in Sderot rocket attach - 26Mar08

Photo: Flash 90

Three people were lightly injured from shrapnel in Sderot, according to the IDF spokesman. One of them was a Sudanese refugee. A fourth person was treated for shock. Security forces have not yet released details about the specific locations of the rocket landing sites.

In addition to Wednesday night's attack, Sderot was hit by three Kassam rockets earlier in the day as well; however, those missiles landed in open areas. No one was hurt and no damage was reported in that attack.

Moyal emphasized following the night's rocket barrage, "All the talk of a lull in attacks from Gaza is misleading. Today's events prove this." 

A total of 20 Kassam rockets had been fired at Jewish communities in the south of Israel by PA terrorists in northern Gaza by 10:00 p.m. Wednesday night.