Bereaved Families to March on Terrorist's Jerusalem Home
Bereaved Families to March on Terrorist's Jerusalem Home

Posters have gone up around Jerusalem announcing a march on the house of the terrorist that murdered eight yeshiva students to take place Sunday. Bereaved families will be taking part.

“Getting up from mourning and taking action – destroying the home of the terrorist,” proclaim the posters in large red letters. On the top, the terrorist’s uncle is quoted: “We are proud of him and happy about his actions – every resident of Jabel Mukaber is,” he said, referring to the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood where the terrorist’s family lives.

Organizers say that bereaved families, from the most recent attack as well as the thousands of victims since the Oslo Accords, will be taking part in the march and invite the masses to march on the Arab neighborhood with the aim of “destroying the home of the murderer and expelling his family and supporters.”

Tzemach Hirschfeld, whose son was murdered at Merkaz HaRav last Thursday, told Arutz-7 that he calls on all to join in the scheduled march, and expressed his hope that the terrible murders will influence the government to act with greater resolve.

The march is set to begin at the Armon HaNetziv promenade in Jerusalem at 5 PM on Sunday.

“The Arab enemy that is among us – in Lod, Akko, Wadi Ara and in the holy city of Jerusalem – supports and encourages the murder of Jews,” organizers wrote, followed by a quote from the Scroll of Esther, which will be read next week for the Purim Festival: “And there was an upheaval, what was to be done to the Jews was perpetrated upon their enemies.”

The posters are signed by the Kommemiyut, Lev Yehudi, Women in Green and the bereaved families. Yesha Rabbis Council head Rabbi Dov Lior has also called on the public to participate.