Ashkelon's Barzilai Hospital
Ashkelon's Barzilai Hospital (Photo: Ezra HaLevi)

The seaside city of Ashkelon is dealing with life under rocket-fire. The Barzilai Medical Center, which until now has dealt with treating victims from Sderot and the western Negev, is now dealing with protecting itself and its patients from the missile threat.

The marina in Ashkelon. One local fisherman joked that he just dives into the water each time he hears the air raid siren.

A lone surfer on the beach in Ashkelon.

At the entrance to Barzilai Medical Center, a poster from the IDF's Home Front Command explains what to do in the event of missile attack.

Barzilai Hospital's helipad, where a Grad rocket struck. The crater was repaired quickly in order to facilitate continued landings of medevacs from Sderot and the region.

Sappers inspect an impact site of a Grad rocket in Ashkelon near the sea

(Photo: Flash 90)
A sign points to Barzilai's emergency room.

Dr. Emile Hay, Assistance Dir.-Gen. of Barzilai Hospital says the treatment of shrapnel trauma and shock victims is not new, but doing so while the hospital itself is under fire has changed everything.

The preemie ward has been moved to one of the hospital's bomb shelters.

The Home Front Command poster advises what do to in the event of missile attack, if one is caught in a building, outdoors, or in a car and what to do after it is over.

Barzilai's newest building has sealed, protected rooms and reinforced construction throughout.

A young girl from Sderot at Ashkelon's Barzilai Hospital after being wounded in a rocket attack

(Photo: The Israel Project)
A high-rise building at the southern end of Ashkelon where the evicted Jewish residents of Kfar Darom have been living.

Ancient ruins at Ashkelon's National Park, which has been struck by Kassam rockets long before Grad-type Katyushas began to hit the town.

A picnic table among the wildflowers and olive trees at the Ashkelon National Park.

A flock of sheep at the Ashkelon National Park.

The Ashkelon power plant facility can be seen in the distance from Ashkelon's beach.

Ruins at the Ashkelon National Park.

A home in Ashkelon struck by a Grad-type Katyusha rocket

(Photo: Flash 90)
(Photos: Ezra HaLevi, except where otherwise noted)