Gaza terrorists prepare to launch a missile
Gaza terrorists prepare to launch a missile File photo

Few would think twice about an old Arab man driving his wagon through a grove of trees while clashes between IDF soldiers and Palestinian Authority terrorists rage in the streets of Gaza.

But, the elderly Arab and the cart pulled by his plodding donkey were carrying a cargo of death to be delivered to southern Israel. Concealed beneath the innocent load of produce piled high was a Grad missile, to later be used by terrorists in an attack on the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon.

Security forces have the incident on tape to prove it.

General Security Service (Shin Bet) chief Yuval Diskin used the tape on Sunday in a presentation to cabinet ministers to illustrate how terrorists use purported "civilians" in the Gaza war against Israel.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi also informed the ministers that despite media hype based on Hamas sources, approximately 90 percent of the Arabs killed in Gaza since last Thursday were terrorists.

IDF soldiers and tanks withdrew from northern Gaza early Monday after four days of clashes with terrorists from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other PA terror groups. The IDF killed some 90 terrorists in "Operation Warm Winter." Two IDF soldiers gave their lives in one shootout, but some

Another two terrorists were eliminated by IAF officers in an air strike early Monday morning. Defense officials have not yet announced what the IDF's next move will be.