As Palestinian Authority Arabs in Gaza were transporting, unpacking, and preparing to distribute Monday's shipment of humanitarian aid from Israel, local PA terrorists said "thank you" by launching two Kassam rockets at Israeli citizens whose taxes helped pay for the aid shipment.

The two Kassam rockets were fired at Israel from northern Gaza at the same time 60 trucks of goods and supplies were passing through the Sufa Crossing for Arab civilians in the Gaza region.

Bags of flour, sugar and other supplies slowly made their way into the region despite the dismal driving conditions caused by the pouring rain, along with other humanitarian supplies from Israel.

Thousands of other Gaza residents meanwhile were lined up against the separation barrier, exhorted by the ruling Hamas terrorist organization to crowd the separation barrier in a massive protest against Israel's closure of crossings into the region.

As did Egypt, Israel sealed off crossings into Gaza after Hamas terrorists took control of the region in a violent coup last June. The crossings have been opened sporadically since that time, primarily for deliveries of humanitarian and other supplies into Gaza from Israel. Recently IDF and security forces tightened the closures in response to the constant attacks on Israeli civilians in the western Negev.

While Hamas terrorists hid among the women, children, disabled, elderly and other civilian adults massing for a protest at the Gaza-Israel separation barrier, their colleagues continued the attacks on Israel.

One of the rockets exploded in southern Ashkelon. Gaza terrorists have increasingly targeted the coastal city since increasing the range of their rockets; a number of strategic installations are located there.

The other rocket missed the mark and landed within Gazan territory.