A lively and colorful demonstration was held Wednesday afternoon in Jerusalem as US President George Bush met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Dressed in Arab headdresses and holding toy rifles, scores of protestors gathered in the square of Jerusalem's Great Synagogue, near Olmert's official residence where the two leaders met. The demonstration was organized by the Almagor Terror Victims Association to protest the release of convicted Arab terrorists and the establishment of a Palestinian state in Israel. 

Yitzchak Maoz, father of Tehilla Maoz who was killed in the 2001 S'barro restaurant terrorist bombing, told the crowd that the nearby peace discussions were totally removed from reality. “The town of Sederot in southern Israel is bombed daily, Fatah policemen are killing Jews - and yet just down the street from here, over glasses of champagne, Bush and Olmert are talking about releasing more terrorists so that the same killers that murdered my daughter can kill again.”

Meir Indor, Director of the Almagor Association, noted: "US President George W. Bush may be wondering why no one walks on the streets of Jerusalem. It is an eerie picture of what Jerusalem might look like if Bush and Olmert succeed in dividing the city. If the city of Jerusalem is divided, when the Kassam rockets start flying, the streets will be as deserted as the streets of Sderot.”

Indor warned the protestors, “The creation of a Palestinian state will lead to a Hamas takeover just as happened in Gaza.  If the 'Road Map' continues, then George Bush and Ehud Olmert will go down in history as the founders of Hamastine, a terrorist haven in the heart of Israel.”

Throughout the demonstration, a group of students dressed in Fatah kefiyahs [Arab headdresses] and black Hamas hoods yelled out “Hamastine, Hamastine!”  Behind them, a billboard size poster showed President Bush as the founding father of Hamastine.  Indor admitted that the young people were putting on a show for the media, but “Bush and Olmert are putting on a show for the media too,” he said.

(Photos: Josh Shamsi, Arutz-7 Photojournalist )