Amichai's siblings at funeral.
Amichai's siblings at funeral.Ezra HaLevi

The terrorists who killed two young Jewish men at Nahal Telem last Friday turned themselves in to the General PA Intelligence Wing in Hevron a few hours later, the Shabak has revealed. The two belong to Mahmoud Abass's Fatah movement, and are directly linked to the PA security forces, the Shabak has reported. They were afraid of being caught or killed by Israel and preferred to be in the PA's custody.

The Shabak investigation determined that the terrorists are Ali A Hamid Dandis, 24, of Hevron, who was in touch with the PA's General Intelligence, and Amar Badr a Halim Taha, 26, a Fatah gunman and a member of the PA's "National Security' force.

The terror attack was pre-planned and its purpose was to kill hikers and steal their weapons.

The latest details of the terror attack indicate that at 12:00 noon Friday, a Landcruiser carrying three gunmen from Hevron arrived on the scene of a nature outing by Rubin, Amichai and a young woman, Naama Ohayon. The terrorists fired at the hikers from inside their vehicle at close range. The soldiers, who were badly hurt by the first barrage of bullets, managed to fire back, and killed the vehicle's driver.

The two other terrorists who were not hurt got out of their vehicle and shot the two soldiers execution-style. Naama Ohayon managed to escape the scene of the shooting right after the first shots were fired and alerted the rescue and emergency medical services.

Yesha Council: 'Fatahstan' Forming in Judea, Samaria

MK Aryeh Eldad (NU/RP) speculated Tuesday that the release of convicted terrorist murderers may have been carried out on purpose, in order to increase the rate at which Judea and Samaria settlers are killed.

He said this would serve Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's diplomatic-political purposes.

The Yesha Council warned Tuesday that continuing the "gestures" towards PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas would lead to the emergence of a "Fatahstan" in Judea and Samaria that would be every bit as murderous as Hamastan (as the Hamas regime in Gaza is sometimes called).

"Abu Mazen's National Guardsmen try to murder Olmert in Jericho, Abu Ala's aide rigs explosives for a terror attack and Palestinian policemen murder Ido Zoldan, Achikam Amichai and David Rubin… the gestures cost blood," the Yesha Council statement said.

The Council is made up of elected local officials in Judea and Samaria.

MK Sa'ar: Gov't Directly Assisting Terrorists

The Chairman of the Likud faction, MK Gideon Sa'ar, said Tuesday that the fact that the murders of soldiers David Rubin and Achikam Amichai, as well as Ido Zoldan, were all carried out by PA security apparatus men shows the Olmert-Barak government's "stupidity."

"Continuation of unilateral concessions, including release of terrorists and supply of various weapons to the PA is direct assistants to terror, Sa'ar said.