Rabbi Dov Lior, the Rabbi of Kiryat Arba, said at the Saturay night funeral procession of terror victims David Rubin and Achikam Amichai that the way the two returned fire despite being wounded "is encouragement for heroic deeds by Jews who fight for their lives."

Rabbi Lior sharply criticized the Olmert government for its decision to narrow the definition of terrorists "with blood on their hands" so as to enable the return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit who was abducted by Hamas. "They free terrorists with blood… but the fact that a terrorist tried to murder and failed, and because of this they then free him, that is madness."

'The government is weak'

Rabbi Lior continued: "Who said that the weapon with which they murdered the two heroes is not a weapon our government provided them with? The government surrenders and the government is weak."

Rabbi Lior said that things have reached a state in which a Jew can no longer walk freely in his own country. "We cower behind walls," he said, "but the youth will continue to redeem our land and from this shall come peace, true peace, unlike the one they are trying to drug us with."

Rabbi Lior added a prayer: "May G-d avenge His servants and cause the government to be replaced." The current government supposedly cares about security but releases hundreds of murderers. They want to uproot Jews from their land, and this encourages terror."

'For me you are a journey'

Benaya Sarel, who was a friend of both of the terror victims, told the mourners about Achikam, who had nine brothers and sisters, and who was "incapable of fear." "There is no spring you failed to dip in, you stepped in every stream and for me you are a trip, a journey, a walk, sometimes with no objective."

"You never broke and you always led the way forward," a friend of Rubin's grieved.

Sarel said his slain friends belonged to a kind of heroes that is becoming extinct. David Rubin, eldest of seven siblings, never cried once. "You never broke and you always led the way forward," he grieved.

Sarel vowed that he and his friends would not be deterred from continuing to hike all over the Land of Israel, including the "dangerous" zones. "We followed you with our eyes closed, and we will continue to leave no rock unturned, he said, "only this time we will have no one to ask where to go.