PA Terrorists Fire Rockets at Israel
PA Terrorists Fire Rockets at Israel

Once again, two Kassam rockets were fired at the western Negev - near Sderot and Kfar Maimon - this morning (Thursday).  No one was hurt, and no damage was reported.  Another rocket was fired last night, two more yesterday morning, three on Tuesday night - and seven on Monday.

The Knesset voted yesterday to approve the preliminary reading of a bill to exact the cost of rocket damages from the Palestinian Authority.  By a 37-23 majority, and in opposition to the coalition's stance, the Knesset approved the legislative proposal of MKs Yisrael Hasson of the coalition's Yisrael Beiteinu party and Limor Livnat (Likud).   Among the supporters of the bill were Minister of Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman and Minister of Pensioners Affairs Rafi Eitan.

Israel collects certain customs duties for the Palestinian Authority, and it is from this money that the damages are to be collected.  Portions of the PA's electricity debts have sometimes been collected from these sums.

Livnat and Hasson explained in the introduction to the bill, "The Palestinian Authority has not met its obligations, but despite this we continue to transfer the tax monies to it. Given the refusal of the Attorney General to allow us to reduce electricity to the PA in response to Kassam rocket attacks, we have no other tool by which to impose sanctions upon those who do not stop firing on us."

The introduction also states that legislating this sanction is necessary, "so that the Attorney General will not be the Supervisor-General over the government's actions."

Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and others have come out strongly against Attorney General Menachem Mazuz's decree to suspend the government's decision to reduce PA electricity. A new approach to reducing electricity to Gaza, in which the Gazans will receive less electricity but will decide themselves how to distribute it, has received Mazuz's approval in principle.

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