The Jerusalem Municipality and a municipal construction company are putting up a huge 10,700-square-foot (1,000 square meters) candy-covered sukkah in Jerusalem's Safra Square. The first-of-its-kind sweet sukkah has been dubbed the "Sukkah-riah," in a play on the Hebrew word for candy.

A sukkah is a temporary dwelling used during the Sukkot holiday, which, this year, begins Wednesday night. Sukkot is also known as the "Feast of Tabernacles" in English.

The Sukkah-riah is covered with two tons of candy and bubble gum, and features lighting fixtures and ornaments in the shape of candy, along with candy chains hanging from the ceiling. Tables in the sukkah will be adorned with sweet bouquets. Chocolate fountains, marshmallows on outdoor grills and cotton candy will be served to visitors free of charge beginning on Wednesday.

Throughout the week of the Sukkot holiday, many attractions and cultural events will take

The Sukkah-riah is covered with two tons of candy and bubble gum.

place in the Sukkah-riah. The Jerusalem Municipality promises music shows, exhibitions, candy workshops for kids, "and much more."

Among the events planned for the unique sukkah, is a reception held by Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski and his wife on Monday October 1, between 6:00-7:00 pm. The reception will be open to the public. Diplomats from various countries, along with representatives of Jerusalem's varied religious communities, are expected to attend the event.

Jerusalem City Hall advertised its Sukkot events saying that it is "celebrating 40 years of the city's reunification with sweet and wonderful experiences for the whole family."