Women in Green is planning a rally Wednesday night in Jerusalem against the plans of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to divide Jerusalem and establish a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria.

The protest has been called by the grassroots nationalist camp organization for 7 PM at Paris Square at the southern end of King George St., a block away from the Prime Minister's residence in the capital.  It will be timed to coincide with a dinner meeting between Olmert and visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Those who can blow a shofar (ram's horn) are asked to bring one. 

Asked if she is expecting a large turnout for the event, Women in Green co-founder Nadia Matar told Arutz-7, "We know that we have 350,000 people who signed a petition against a Palestinian state, and many more who feel the same way.  We also know that in general, only the die-hard activists generally show up for protests like this.  This will be our opening shot; we have to get the ball rolling."

A press release for the event states that Olmert and Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah have "already signed an 8-point document which basically calls for the creation of a PLO state in all of Judea and Samaria, the destruction of over 95% of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, the division of Jerusalem, and the handing over of the Temple Mount to the PLO."

Women in Green quotes Israel's founding Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, as having said:

“No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel to exist. No Jewish body is sanctioned to do so. No Jew alive today has the authority to yield any piece of land whatsoever. This right is preserved by the Jewish people throughout the generations and cannot be forfeited under any circumstance. Even if at some given time there will be those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the jurisdiction to negate it for future generations to come. The Jewish Nation is neither obligated by nor responsible for any waiver such as this. Our right to this land, in its entirety, is steadfast inalienable and eternal. And until the coming of the Great Redemption, we shall never yield this historic right.”
The press release likens the historic appeasement in Munich that led to World War II to what is likely to occur following the "appeasement of the Arabs planned for this November" at the US-sponsored international Middle East summit in Washington. 

"Whereas the allied powers couldn’t have guessed the extremity of Hitler’s designs," the announcement states, "our leaders have no such excuse.  The only honest conclusion twelve years after the Oslo Accords were signed is that the Arabs want war, not peace.  The Arabs’ sole and consistent purpose remains the destruction of Israel.  Therefore, ongoing peace negotiations have nothing to do with peace...

"History sometimes arrives at climactic junctures that are followed by a point of no return.  Once crossed, the momentum leading to disaster becomes unstoppable.  We fear that the second Munich conference being planned for this November is such a juncture.

"Israel’s leadership has lost all sense of national responsibility and accountability as it rushes heedlessly down this path. It doesn’t represent the interests of the Jewish people or the Jewish State, but submits willingly to foreign interests and pressures.  It has become the accomplice of Israel’s enemies in securing the enemy’s goals.

"The public has no faith in the Olmert government, but also has no power to democratically influence the government’s actions.  We therefore place the Olmert government on notice that neither the Jewish people nor the citizens of Israel are bound by the diplomatic acts of their leaders...

"We therefore call upon all the citizens of Israel and Jews worldwide to denounce and renounce this government of fools and rogues and to take action  necessary to save the land and people of Israel."

Women in Green is also paying for a front-page ad in the Jerusalem Post which states:

"Ehud Olmert, Israel is not your private real estate!  Condoleezza Rice, keep your hands off the Land of Israel!"