The IDF soldiers who refused to take part in the destruction of the Hevron Jewish Community’s Shalhevet neighborhood are being awarded by activist groups for their moral bravery.

Simultaneously, as the IDF awards citations for soldiers who served in the Second Lebanon War on Sunday, Rabbis and the Committee to Save the Nation and the Land will award moral citations to soldiers who recently refused to act against the Jewish families who were forcibly removed from Jewish-owned property in Hevron.

Posters declaring a “Salute to the Heroes” have been plastered around the country, “inviting the public to an awards ceremony for the distribution of citations of bravery and excellence for the heroic soldiers, prisoners of Zion, who out of self-sacrifice sanctified the name of Heaven publicly when they chose obedience to the laws of the Torah and refused to carry out the criminal expulsion orders in Hevron.”

The event is taking place in the community of Beit Horon, on Highway 443 between Jerusalem and Modi’in. It is being organized by Rabbi David Wolpe of the Committtee to Save the Nation and the Land and was welcomed by Rabbi Micha Peled, the rabbi of Beit Horon. Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba and the Yesha Rabbinic Council, as well as Professor Ezra Zohar, will deliver addresses on the topic of refusal.

Rabbi Wolpe told Arutz-7 he hopes no such awards are necessary in the future, but that as long as the government decides to send soldiers to perform political tasks that run counter to Jewish morals and ethics, refusal is a badge of honor. He believes awarding and honoring those who had the courage the go to jail for their beliefs will make the phenomenon much more widespread in the event of a future attempt to evict Jews from parts of the Land of Israel.

Atty. Eran Hermoni of the Labor Party’s Young Guard has petitioned Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to prosecute the organizers of the event, saying it constitutes rebellion against the state.

The dinner will take place on September 2, at 8 PM, in Beit Horon’s community center. For more information, call 050 382 7660

Update: The date of the event has been pushed off so as not to offend the families of those who fell in the Second Lebanon War.