North American Aliyah Hits 25-Year High
North American Aliyah Hits 25-Year High

North American Aliyah (immigration to Israel) will reach a 25-year record high this year, with immigrants arriving on twelve flights this summer.

The number of Jews moving to Israel from North America has steadily climbed for the past five years, with 3,200 in 2006 and a 5-10% increase expected this year.

Some 70 percent of North American immigrants are under age 35 (40% under 18). The oldest immigrant so far this year is a 94-year-old from Miami, Florida. A 90-year-old survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp is also making Aliyah this summer.

Nefesh b’Nefesh flights of immigrants are expected on July 8 ( from Canada), 9 (US), 11 (UK), 30 (US), 31 (UK), August 6 (US), 12 (Canada), 13 (US), 14 (UK & US), 20 (US) and September 3 (US). Click here to register to greet the new arrivals when they land in Israel.

The Jewish Agency will hold a send off reception in New York City Monday for 300 area residents who are making the move in the coming weeks. Similar farewell receptions have already been held in Toronto, Boston, Miami, and Rockville, Maryland. The farewell reception in New York City will take place on Monday at the American Israel Friendship House, 136 E 39 th St., at 5 PM.

Letters From Home

Nefesh B’Nefesh has launched a new web site called aimed at allowing olim to reach out and let those back in the ‘Old Country’ know how the Aliyah process is going and what life is like in Israel.

The steadily growing roster of immigrants outlines motivations for Aliyah, struggles to overcome and options for professional pursuit following Aliyah. Their email addresses are also included, allowing potential immigrants to contact directly individuals who can answer specific questions from a first-hand perspective.

Immigrants are invited to submit their information on the site and to become a part of the project.