Palestinian Authority kindergarten children demonstrated in a graduation ceremony how well they had learned their lessons this year.

A video clip of the ceremony, televised on Hamas’ Al-Aksa TV, was distributed Friday by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The little boys in the video march in formation and then drop to the floor, crawl on their bellies and vow to become terrorists when they grow up.

In the last minute of the clip, the boys in the televised ceremony shout “Allah Hu Akbar!” (Allah is great!).

“Who is your role model?” they are asked. “The Prophet,” they chant.

“What is your path?” demands the leader. “Jihad!” they cry, in their little camouflage uniforms and black masks, brandishing toy guns and waving green Hamas flags.

“What is your most lofty aspiration?”

“Death for the sake of Allah!”

The kindergarten is run by the same group that spawned the Hamas terrorist organization – the Islamic Association in Gaza.

This is not the first time that the Hamas terrorist entity has used little children as bait, indoctrinating them to hate Israel, Israelis and Jews and train them from infancy to become suicide bombers.

A significant number of suicide bombings have been carried out by PA adolescents and young adults.

Hamas recently used a look-alike of the Disney character, Mickey Mouse, in a television program promoting Islamic conquest of the world.

Known as a benevolent social services organization among the PA’s poor, Hamas continues to call for the destruction of the State of Israel.

Teaching the children to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel is a direct violation of the the Sharm el-Sheikh agreement in 2005. The Palestinian Authority (PA), headed by Fatah leader and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, agreed to halt incitement against Israel.

Hamas has said it is not bound by the pact, but the European Union (EU) and United States have declared it will not recognize the new Hamas-Fatah unity agreement if both factions do not accept previous agreements.

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