Hizbullah TV Crews Filmed in Israel During War
Hizbullah TV Crews Filmed in Israel During War

A reporter for Al Manar TV operated freely in Israel during the Second Lebanon War despite the fact that the station is a propaganda and intelligence gathering arm of Hizbullah – Israel's enemy in the war. Additional TV stations from enemy countries had reporters in Israel during the war: Iranian TV, Saudi Arabian TV, and the Al Jazeera news channel.

Omedia reports that Al Manar is not a media network in the regular sense of the word. In the USA it is considered a terror organization and its operation within the USA has been banned by presidential decree since the 9/11 terror attacks. When reporters for a station like Al Manar transmit information about the locations hit by missiles in real time, they are for all intents and purposes enemy spies.

Al Manar's television broadcasts – including those aimed at children – encourage suicide terror attacks and call for the conquest of the world by Islam and jihad. The network also transmits anti-Semitic messages, which have caused European countries, including France, to ban its broadcasts.

The matter was investigated by the committee of inquiry, headed by retired judge Dalia Dorner, that was established to review journalistic coverage during the war. The protocols of the committee's work

When reporters for Al Manar transmit information about the locations hit by missiles, they are for all intents and purposes enemy spies

include an exchange between Haaretz's veteran military affairs analyst, Ze'ev Schiff, who was a member of the committee, and IDF Spokesman Miri Regev, in which Regev confirms that "Al Manar broadcast from the ground all of the time."

A senior official in the Government Press Bureau said that freelance Arab reporters from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other countries operated in Israel during the war and reported for Al Jazeera, NBC Dubai and Al Manar. During the war itself they were allowed to report from Haifa, even though they did not have government press cards.

The reporter for Al Manar, said the Press Bureau official, is an Israeli Arab. And Israeli citizens are allowed to report for news organizations that operate from enemy states.

When asked whether reporters for Al Manar and Iranian TV submitted their reports to the censor before transmitting them, the IDF Spokesman replied laconically: "the foreign TV stations operating in the territory of Israel are required to submit reports to the censor before broadcasting, and this was true in the Second Lebanon War as well."