The Palestinian Authority is systematically teaching its children to deny the Holocaust ever happened, according to a report released Monday by the Palestinian Media Watch.

The new 12th grade textbooks were written by the Center for Developing Palestinian Curricula, an organization which is supported by foreign funding. The textbooks, which bear a special “thanks” to Belgium, were introduced by the PA Ministry of Higher Education at the end of 2006.

Not surprisingly, the new materials which will be used to guide young PA Arab minds were found to educate the children toward Jewish genocide, both virtually and physically.

The textbooks are diametrically opposed to the concept of peaceful co-existence with Jews in the State of Israel, according to the PMW report.

...the Zionist gangs stole Palestine and expelled its people...

In fact, the teachings deny Israel’s right to exist altogether, referring to the founding of the Jewish State as a “catastrophe unprecedented in history, when the Zionist gangs stole Palestine and expelled its people from their cities, their villages, their lands and their houses…”

The new PA history books also make no mention of the Holocaust, though the textbook “History of the Arabs and the World in the 20th Century” includes extensive information on the events of World War II – except those relating to Jews.

Former PA Foreign Minister Mahmoud A-Zahar, who is now a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, was quoted recently in a Hamas newspaper as saying, “Germany is imprisoned by a complex of the so-called ‘Holocaust’ and they suffer from it.”

It is also important to note that, PA Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, touted by the United States and other Western nations as a “moderate” force among terrorists, denied central elements of the genocide of the Jews in his doctoral dissertation.

Abbas wrote his doctorate in 1982 in Moscow, at the Institute for Oriental Studies. The heading of his doctoral thesis was: "Zionist Leadership and the Nazis." The introduction dealt with, among other topics, "the secret ties between the Nazis and the Zionist movement leadership." It further raised doubts that gas chambers were used to kill the Jews. He argued that the gas chambers were not used to kill people, but only to disinfect them and burn bodies to prevent disease.

Abbas's dissertation was adapted into a book and published in Jordan in 1984. Journalist David Bedein noted that the book is currently in use in the Palestinian Authority education system, under the direct control of the PA chairman.

Abbas claimed in his work that the Zionist leadership was interested in convincing the world that a large number of Jews were killed during the war in order to "attain larger gains" after the war and to "divide the booty." His primary claim is that the Zionist movement and its various branches worked hand-in-hand with the Nazis against the Jewish people, collaborating with them for the Jews' destruction, because the Zionist leaders viewed "Palestine" as the only legitimate place for Jewish immigration.