Days after an American announcement that it seeks a “neighbors meeting” with Iran and Syria on bringing peace to Iraq, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blamed Israel and the US for all the world’s wars.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced the initiative, saying, "We hope that all governments seize this opportunity to improve their relations with Iraq and to work for peace and stability in the region.”

The meeting represents an adoption of the recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton Report. Rice said that US and Iraqi officials agree that the future of Iraq “requires the positive support of Iraq's neighbors."

Rice said the meeting would take place mid-March.

Following the announcement, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday that Israel and the US stand behind every single armed conflict happening anywhere in the world.

Speaking to government officials and university heads in Sudan, Ahmadinejad said, "There is no place in the world that suffers from divisions and wars unless America or the Zionists' fingerprints are seen there."

"Our strength and the cornerstone of the victory is in our [Muslims'] unity...we have to pay attention to the devils who want to cause divisions among us," Ahmadinejad said.