Tomorrow, Friday, will mark six months since IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser of Nahariya, 31, and Eldad Regev of Kiryat Motzkin, 26, were abducted by Hizbullah terrorists on Israel's northern border. Family members and friends plan to arrive at the site tomorrow to commemorate the sad half-year anniversary. Though the area is currently closed for security reasons because of the find, the organizers expect to be able to gather there as planned.

Combing the border area near Moshav Zar'it in the early morning hours today, IDF forces found five cases containing the following items very close to the kidnapping site: Three RPG shoulder-launched missiles, a ten-kilogram MAG machine gun, five bullet casings of Lau missiles, shoes, and fence-cutting equipment.

Senior commanders were hurriedly called to the site when the find was discovered. It was not clear at first whether the items had been booby-trapped, and IDF sappers were called to the site to ascertain this point.

Four soldiers were killed in the original abduction attack, and four more were killed in a tank that was blown up by a powerful mine on their way to search for the abducted soldiers. When news of the kidnapping became known, Israel Air Force planes took to the air, striking bridges and escape routes in southern Lebanon in an effort to prevent Hizbullah from taking their Israeli captives deeper into enemy territory. Thus began the war known as the Second Lebanon War.

IDF officers in the north say that Hizbullah is once again gathering intelligence against the IDF - possibly dressed as shepherds or joggers. In addition, sources say, the IDF finds that cooperation with the UNIFIL peacekeeping forces has been positive.

In other security news, an undercover unity arrested the head of the Jenin-area Hamas cell, Haled Al-Haj, who was released several months ago from Israeli prison, and his deputy.

On Wednesday, security forces smashed a Ramallah-based ring which had been attacking vehicles in the western Binyamin region in recent months. Nineteen members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine were arrested, responsible for almost daily incidents of hurling Molotov cocktails and rocks at Israeli vehicles. Three months ago, gang members burned an IDF jeep.