Footage of Miriam Oren's eye-witness account of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination was shown numerous times on the fateful night of November 4, 1995. But once Rabin's death was announced, it vanished.

This week, it was made available to the public via the internet for the first time in 11 years.

Miriam Oren of Ramat Gan was the director of a department in the Na'amat women's movement. She was on stage with Prime Minister Rabin during the Tel Aviv demonstration and escorted him to his car where convicted assassin Yigal Amir waited.

Miriam Oren on stage with Prime Minister Rabin

She emphatically stated again and again to Israel TV that Rabin was not hit:

Oren: "…Suddenly shots were heard and…"

TV: "Was Rabin injured?"

Oren: "Rabin was not wounded. I saw that Rabin was not wounded… Yes, there were shots. They pushed him [Amir] up against the wall, and Rabin's car sped out of here… I was standing very close to Rabin's car. Rabin put one foot in the car, and we heard shots. Rabin's car sped away."

TV: "Was Rabin wounded?"

Oren: "Rabin was not wounded. [Shaking her head] Rabin was not wounded. Rabin was not wounded.

TV: "Was he wounded?"

Oren: "No! No, I saw that he was not wounded."

TV: "How far were you from him?"

Oren: "I was one meter away."

Several months later on Jan. 26, 1996, Oren is mentioned in the Yedioth Acharonot newspaper as maintaining that Rabin was not hurt at the site of the shooting.

Rabin conspiracy theorist David Rutstein tracked down the video footage of Oren and posted it this week on the internet:

Click here if you cannot see the video below.

In Yigal Amir's trial, Rabin's personal bodyguard, Yoram Rubin testified that after the shots, Rabin and he "jumped into the car." He told the court: "After the shots, from the force of the shots and from my jumping on him [to cover him], we fell to the ground… I was speaking with Yitzhak, and we jumped into the car."

Another witness in the Amir trial, S. Tiram, also testified that he "didn't see any injury." "I didn't see or hear that Rabin was injured at that time."

Last year at this time, the famous Kempler video documenting the Rabin assassination was posted for public viewing for the first time in ten years on the internet.

The Oren footage adds another inconsistency to the numerous unanswered questions surrounding the Rabin assassination that have fueled conspiracy theories. To see the Kempler Video and read some of the basic factual inconsistencies of the murder night, click here.