The objective of the IDF mission was to remove trees and brush that could be used to camouflage terrorists, and to otherwise thwart potential attacks from southern Gaza against Israel.

The soldiers entered Gaza east of Khan Yunis, near the former site of Gush Katif "capital" N'vei Dekalim and north of the Sufah Crossing. They began clearing the area in an effort to make it harder for terrorists to lie in wait to carry out attacks.

A terrorist cell was detected in the middle of the operation, trying to place an apparently remote-controlled explosive device near the soldiers. The Israelis opened fire, later reporting that two Arabs were killed. Palestinian Authority sources, responding to early reports of one dead, confirmed that the dead man was a member of Hamas, the terrorist organization that currently rules Gaza.

Four Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza at the Negev since last night, including one that landed near a western Negev community late this morning. No one was hurt in the attacks.

Israel Air Force craft bombed a house belonging to a terrorist in southern Gaza over the night. As in previous such cases, the building was used to store explosives, and the residents were warned in advance that they must leave; no one was hurt.

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