The information was publicized by the Hebrew website NFC, whose frequent scoops regarding allegations of corruption by Ehud Olmert has earned it a hate-Olmert reputation.

In 2004, the year in which his wife received the pay, Ehud Olmert served as Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment, as well as Head of the Israel Lands Authority, and held the Communications portfolio. NFC reports that his wife Aliza received, over the course of 11 months, approximately 22,000 shekels each month from a private company owned by Avi Naor.

A frequent donor to public causes such as the Green Light anti-traffic accidents organization, Naor has frequent contact with government officials, NFC reports, and often requests budgetary allocations.

Aliza said that the money paid her was for services rendered, beginning shortly after Naor and others planned a public-social project set to cost two billion shekels. The project was designed to save children at risk currently living in poverty. A very small part of the project was ultimately carried out, in Afula and Kiryat Gat.

As Minister of Industry and Trade, Ehud Olmert was to be one of the central figures in the establishment of the project - including raising money. Senior ministry figures appeared at various committee sessions to promote the project, named Yaniv.

It was precisely at this time that Aliza Olmert was hired by Naor's company - though NFC says its investigation showed that people who worked there at the time did not know her and did not encounter her work. Moreover, the website of the Prime Minister's Office, which details Aliza Olmert's accomplishments, does not include her work at Naor's company.

Aliza's spokesman responded to the report as follows: "Mrs. Olmert, a social worker, worked in the RAMGA company as a full-time employee. She was hired by Avi Naor to be a partner in the establishment of the Yaniv Organization, and was responsible for the national service for treatment of young children at risk. She received a salary proportionate to her work."

Mrs. Olmert's job, according to her superior at RAMGA, was to study and then to prepare a comprehensive treatment program for young children at risk. "She studied the existing programs in Israel and around the world, and formulate a [new one]," he said. He said he did not have any of her papers, and Mrs. Olmert did not respond to NFC's request to supply a copy of one.

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