IDF sappers found the remains of three Kassam rockets fired at the western Negev this morning, landing near Kibbutzim Gevim and Nir Am. A fourth rocket landed in the Ben Gurion neighborhood of Sderot in the afternoon hours, similarly causing no damage.

IDF forces stationed at the ruins of the former northern-Gaza Jewish community of Dugit were targeted by Palestinian terrorists last night (Wednesday). The Arabs fired five mortar shells and an anti-tank missile, causing no casualties or damage.

The Al-Aksa Brigades of Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction attacked several IDF vehicles in Shechem this morning, causing damage to one of them. In Tul Karem, as well, IDF forces were attacked, without incident.


Near what used to be N'vei Dekalim in southern Gaza, just east of Khan Yunis, six Palestinian terrorists were wounded or killed in three separate clashes with IDF forces this morning. Among them were a man and three of his sons, all armed Hamas terrorists, as well as another 12-year-old son. In northern Gaza, the IDF attacked yet another weapons storehouse, after warning the occupants and neighbors of the impending bombing. Secondary explosions occurred after the attack, signaling the presence of large amounts of explosive material and/or arms in the building.

IDF forces arrested 12 wanted terrorists during the course of the night, including four in and around Hevron, three in Shechem and three north of Ramallah.

Faking Attacks in Order to GraduateCorrespondent Haggai Huberman reports on a new phenomenon among the Arabs of Judea and Samaria: Youths carry knives or small bombs across checkpoints in order to get themselves arrested so that they can study for high school matriculation exams at the State of Israel's expense.

Sitting in jail for a number of weeks or months is a small price to pay, and the returns are significant: A high school diploma, and a high social standing as a "freed terrorist."

Huberman notes that earlier this week, IDF soldiers reported that they had thwarted an attack in the northern Shomron when they arrested two 19-year-old boys carrying two pipebombs of one kilogram (2.2 lbs.) each. However, the IDF later concluded that the boys were merely trying to get arrested for the purpose of matriculation exams, and that the pipebombs were not designed to cause significant damage.