Four PA Arabs were arrested in the southern Gaza town of Rafiah. At least two of them were Hamas terrorists, according to the IDF spokesperson.

Friday night, an IAF helicopter fired a missile at the home of an Al Aksa Brigades terrorist in Gaza City. The home was destroyed and two people were wounded, despite the fact that residents had been warned to vacate the area prior to the attack. An IDF spokesperson statement said the building was being used to store weapons.

Two other buildings, in Jabalya and Gaza City, had been destroyed by missile strikes Friday morning.

In Tul Karem Saturday, IDF soldiers found a large pipe bomb, which was detonated by sappers in a controlled explosion.

Saturday night, three Arab men were caught preparing firebombs to throw at Israeli vehicles near Ramallah. The men were turned over to security forces for investigation.

An Israeli Arab was stabbed by a PA Arab near the Atarot Checkpoint Saturday night. He was transported, in moderate condition, to Hadassah Mt. Scopus hospital.

Stones were thrown at Israeli motorists driving on Gush Etzion’s Husan bypass road. There has been an increase in rock and firebomb attacks on Jewish motorists since construction on the Partition Wall began in the area.
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