Lieberman said the PA is preparing to wage a war on southern Israel modeled on the Hizbullah military strategy against communities in northern Israel. He also expressed criticism of the media for ignoring the ongoing PA Kassam rocket attacks on the cities of the Negev.

Lieberman said that PA terrorists are "smuggling Katyushas and Grad missiles into the Gaza Strip. The southern Lebanon script must be prevented in southern Israel."

Prior to the Gaza withdrawal, even many proponents of the Disengagement were wary of handing over the Philadelphi Corridor, between Gaza and Egypt - where the IDF fought a constant battle against weapons smuggling.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya’alon told reporters in May that the threat of Katyusha rockets being smuggled via tunnels from Sinai into Gaza is a major concern.

Two Katyusha missiles have already been fired toward Israeli towns from Gaza - one in Marhc, on the day of the elections, and then again in May.

Lieberman further criticized the government for failing to keep the Knesset apprised of Hamas war preparations, charging that better information can be found on the Internet than in parliamentary committee sessions.

He added that the government must not close its eyes to the fact that Hamas intentions are to destroy Israel, a goal the terror group does not hide.

The group’s party platform focused on its refusal to formally recognize the State of Israel, disarm or renounce terrorism. Foreign funding to the PA by most western nations was frozen when the terrorist organization took over the government.

If Hamas obtained similar Katyusha's to those used by Hizbullah in the early days of the Re-Engagement war, it would place cities such as Ashdod, Ashkelon and Kiryat Gat within striking range.

If the IDF were to create an anti-missile security zone in Gaza similar to that it is carving out in southern Lebanon, it would entail re-entering all of Gaza.