“Israel has pushed the button of its own destruction,” said the Iranian president, who pulls the strings of its terrorist proxies on both of Israel’s fronts. “The Zionists made their worst decision and triggered their extinction by attacking Lebanon."

Ahmadinejad, addressing the 23rd Iranian Islamic Republic’s nationwide meeting of the heads of educational bureaus, advised Jewish Israelis “to pack up and move out of the region before being caught in the fire they have started in Lebanon.”

Last week, Ahmadinejad was shown on Iranian television saying Israelis “Should know that the volcano of rage of the peoples of the region is boiling…I’m telling you…If this volcano erupts - and we are on the brink of eruption... and if this ocean rages, its waves will not be limited to the region.

Ahmadinejad, seemingly responding to the first two planeloads of American Jews making Aliyah (immigrating to Israel) this summer, accused Israel of deceiving the olim. "They are even lying to the misfortunate people whom they have imported into occupied Palestine,” he said. “They are using them as a shield to achieve their own goals.”

On Saturday, Ahmadinejad compared Israel to Hitler, saying “Just like Hitler, the Zionist regime is just looking for a pretext to launch military attacks.” Israel has pointed out that due to the two-front proxy war orchestrated by Iran, the issues of Iran’s dash toward nuclear capability has been pushed out of the spotlight, despite the regime’s refusal to cooperate with international efforts to find a solution.

The Iranian leader’s statements about the Holocaust have made headlines several times over the past year. Last week, he sent a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which German officials said asks her to assist Iran in “dealing with” Zionism.

In May Ahmadinejad wrote US President George W. Bush a lengthy letter containing an invitation to become a Muslim and veiled threats regarding continued alliance with Israel.

The Iranian president, whose previous positions included acting as a trainer for child suicide soldiers sent to blow up mines in his country’s war against Iraq, issued several statements implying that a battle to annihilate the Jewish State is at hand. “The day of joy for the regional nations is approaching and the world is on the verge of new developments,” he said in a speech in northwest Iran Tuesday.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, US President George W. Bush and even Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt have blamed Iran explicitly for deploying Hamas and Hizbullah against the Jewish State.

The Iranian government has placed billboards of Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah around the country, with boldface slogans reminding Muslims of their duty to wipe out Israel. Meanwhile, members of the tiny Jewish community of Shiraz were seemingly compelled to attend a rally in the town’s square, calling for Israel’s destruction and praising Hizbullah.

Meanwhile, Syria has also issued a threat to become directly involved in the war. Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal said Sunday, "If Israel invades Lebanon over ground and comes near to us, Syria will not sit tight. She will join the conflict.”

During his weekly radio address Saturday, US President Bush warned Syria to stay away. “For many years, Syria has been a primary sponsor of Hizbullah and it has helped provide Hizbullah with shipments of Iranian-made weapons,’’ he said. “Iran’s regime has also repeatedly defied the international community with its ambition for nuclear weapons and aid to terrorist groups. Their actions threaten the entire Middle East and stand in the way of resolving the current crisis and bringing lasting peace to this troubled region.”