The petition states that the "holding of such a parade in Jerusalem, of all places, is a great blow at the ages-old Jewish character of the city and its holy values, for the Jewish and non-Jewish public in Israel and around the world. To hold it in Jerusalem is a provocation and a declared mockery of all that is precious and sacred in the Holy city of Jerusalem in the eyes of the entire world."

"I have received positive feedback from all over the world," Fenton said, "as well as within Israel... We are sure that these first 100,000 signatures will clarify to the Supreme Court the majority opinion, as well as the dangers and degradation involved in holding the parade. I call upon every citizen in Israel and abroad to help out in gathering signatures and to do whatever is necessary to reach the ultimate goal, which is the cancellation of the parade."

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, of the New York-based Jews for Morality organization (, is now in Israel - for the sixth time of late - solely to fight against the parade. He says that he has been hearing talk of a "compromise," which worries him greatly. "If they think that we will be silent if the parade is moved from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv," he told IsraelNationalRadio's Tamar Yonah, "they do not understand our entire struggle. The Holy Land in its entirety must not be defiled; the basis for our continued presence in this land is that it remain pure."

Rabbi Levin also said that the newly appointed mufti of Jerusalem, as well as other leading Moslem clerics, has shown great support for his cause.

The international gay event is scheduled to be a week-long affair, featuring visits all over Israel, including planting a tree in Pride Forest and a meeting with like-minded individuals in Kibbutz Tuval in the Galilee; Tzfat; the ancient synagogue at Katzrin; night-life in Tel Aviv; and more.

In Jerusalem, the participants will be welcomed in a ceremony with members of the Jerusalem Open House, the hosts of World Pride. The internet site states the group will tour the Old City, including King David's Tomb, the room of the Last Supper, the Western Wall, the Jewish Quarter, and more.

The organization has also scheduled a tour of the Knesset, which several MKs have asked to cancel. The event is billed on the World Pride internet site as "Bringing Order to the Knesset: National and International Summit Meeting for Youth." The promotional literature states, "Youth on the map! After this day, it will be impossible to ignore us. Everyone will understand and remember for a long, long time that the proud [Hebrew gaieh] youth has what to be proud of... Ages 15-25 - boys, girls, lesbian, homo, trans, bi, those who are hesitating, and friends - come to take part in this exciting youth day, a joint production of the Open House and the Israeli Gay Youth Organization, which will be held in the Knesset... Two-way transportation from all over the country... We will meet lots of pals from all over Israel and the world, and we'll sit together to work out important subject that are very relevant to our daily lives as students, soldiers... youth with ideals and values. After lunch, we will meet with elected representatives of all stripes, and we will present them with our 'I Believe' about the life of gaieh youth in Israel. And at the end of the day: 'Good Jerusalem Children' -- the greatest youth party in Israel..."

MK Otniel Shneller (Kadima), as well as several MKs from the National Union/National Religious Party, have asked Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik to cancel the event. Shneller said he supports "teaching towards democracy and liberalism, but a visit like this will turn the legislature into Sodom and Gomorra."

MK Eli Gabbai (NRP) told Arutz-7, "Our original plan was to try to legislate a law that would allow a municipality to ban a parade for various reasons. But then we realized that the Supreme Court might disallow such a law because of civil rights considerations. So we are now turning once again to the municipality and the police, because all three religions agree that this parade should not be held in Jerusalem, and it could easily become a danger to the public welfare, in this special city that is recognized as such by the whole world."