The soldiers were manning a barrier near Bekaot in the Jordan Valley, east of Shechem, when an 18-year-old Arab arrived. Brigade Commander Lt.-Col. Yaron Frankel told Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler what happened:

"The soldiers have been in this area for just a few days. The force identified the youth from about 30 meters away, wearing a coat that appeared too big on him. They became suspicious, and immediately began the regular procedure for arresting a suspect. They called out to him to stop and open the zipper of his coat, while at the same time taking cover themselves. When he took off his coat and then his sweater, they saw him wearing an explosive vest of ten kilograms. The Border Guard sappers then blew it up in a controlled explosion. It might sound simple, but the fact is that these young soldiers did something that prevented a major attack later that day in Tel Aviv. Their alertness saved many lives."

The Nahal Hareidi unit is in an infantry unit of the Central Command, carrying out combat duties of all types: ambulatory patrols, checkpoints, temporary barriers, and the like.

In other defense news, more than 70 intelligence warnings of planned terror attacks remain in effect across Israel. Israel responded to Kassam rocket attacks Wednesday by attacking launching sites in Gaza from the sea for the first time. Naval vessels fired artillery at the open fields and launch sites favored by terrorists.

An Israeli was hurt Thursday afternoon in a stoning attack on the road between Yakir and Revava in the Shomron... South of Shechem, and in Hevron, soldiers arrested PA Arabs with large knives suspected of intending to carry out stabbing attacks... At Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem, a terrorist threw an explosive device at a public Israeli bus Wednesday afternoon; no one was hurt...

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