The 'Choosing Life' forum for bereaved families and victims of terrorism said in response to the murderous attack in Jerusalem, "Our hearts go out to the families of the murdered and we pray for the full recovery of the injured. We have made it our goal that no more bereaved families will join and we will fight until deterrence laws are enacted. These tragic events show that before us is an abominable enemy who does not hesitate to use any means, therefore the war against him cannot be carried out with ordinary tools. We welcome Ben-Gvir's position to promote the deportation of terrorist families and the immediate sealing of terrorist homes, but this is not enough. The government must adopt the forum's 'deterrence package', which includes, among other things, the death penalty, toughening conditions for terrorists in prison, rapid demolition of houses, a ban on returning the bodies of terrorists, a blanket ban on the release of terrorists in exchanges, and more. Only full adoption of the deterrence package will bring what we all need most of all - security."