Rabbi Naftali Schreiber, director of the TalmudTorah where the late Aryeh Schupak studied, eulogized him, "When I opened the yeshiva, I thought I was going to educate the children of Israel in the Torah. A year ago I eulogized a student from Aryeh's class and I didn't think I was going to eulogize another student from the same class."

"Aryeh was not feeling well today and was debating whether or not to stay at home," said Rabbi Schreiber. "The supervisor told him not to come, to stay at home and rest. But he got stronger, got up, and decided to go study at the yeshiva. A boy who fought hard, set himself on a good path even though he didn't have a smooth life. I can testify that no one has ever seen anger in this boy. He didn't know what anger was. He would help anyone on the street and was loved by all."