Ofakim Mayor Yitzhak Danino said that five of the city's residents were killed in car accidents in the last day, paid paid tribute to the dead and wrote on Facebook: "The city of Ofakim is in pain and will mourn the tragic death of five of the city's residents in the last day in horrific car accidents."

Danino said: "In Jerusalem, Shoshana Glostein, a beloved and dear teacher, and her two daughters, Chaya Sara and Hana, aged 7 and 3, lost their lives from the impact of the bus that crashed unto the station where they were waiting. A short time ago, we received the official notification of the death of Yoav Hadari and Hanoch Telker, bus drivers who were residents of the city, who returned last night from transporting soldiers, near the Yad Mordechai intersection, noticed a car accident on the other side of the road, stopped their buses and rushed to render aid to the victims. While they were crossing the road, a passing vehicle hit them."

"Teams from the social services department in the municipality are available to the families and offer all possible assistance to deal with the disaster that befell them and the entire city," Danino added. "Our hearts are with the dear families. May you know no more sorrow and be comforted from heaven.''