The Chairman of the Knesset Committee, MK Nir Orbach, addressed a letter to the Commissioner Israel Prison Service, Kati Perry, following MK Michal Waldiger's being denied entry to a correctional facility.

"Several weeks ago, the Minister of Internal Security and the Speaker of the Knesset decided on a protocol for MKs to visit prisoners, which includes approvals from the relevant bureaus and the coordination of the visit in an orderly manner with the prison service," Orbach wrote. "In light of what was said in the MK's letter, it seems that she acted as required, subject to the new procedures, and therefore I have difficulty understanding why she was prevented from entering the facility when she arrived for the visit."

MK Orbach requests "to refine the procedures for all prison facilities that should not prevent members of Knesset who acted according to the rules and in coordination with the relevant bureaus to come and tour the place and of course to immediately approve MK Waldiger's entry into the said facility."