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Rutgers professor calls Judaism the 'most racist religion' - US & Canada - Newsst reported by the pro-Israel Israellycool blog. In one post, Chikindas claimed that "Israel is the terrorist country aimed at genocidal extermination of the la
(ה' בחשון תשע"ח, 25/10/17)
PM Netanyahu jokes about his hair - In Other News... - News has had in recent years. The Israellycool blog described Netanyahu's speech to the Cabinet as 'Binyamin Netanyahu Says Stuff While We Stare At His Hair.' "Peop
(כ' בניסן תשע"ז, 16/04/17)
WHO condemnation of Israel based on blatant PA lies - Middle East - Newsion forces." However, blogger Israellycool revealed two years ago when the picture first began to circulate that it is a Getty Images picture from 2009 showing
(כ"א באייר תשע"ו, 29/05/16)
US cancels visa for anti-Israel propagandist - US & Canada - Newser for Bassem Tamimi, though. Israellycool reveals that he uploaded a letter from the US consulate to his Facebook account yesterday (Tuesday). The letter notes
(כ"ט באדר תשע"ו, 09/03/16)
NIF jumps on, then off, B'Tselem arson bandwagon - Jewish World - Newse, B'Tselem. According to the Israellycool blog, a Facebook post by the NIF went up for 40 minutes before being pulled back down, when it turned out that the po
(א' בשבט תשע"ו, 11/01/16)
In Gaza: Knife-wielding mannequins - and a shop called 'Hitler' - Middle East - Newshighlighted by the pro-Israel Israellycool blog, but is still available on the Facebook page of man claiming to be the original photographer. Another sinister d
(כ"א בחשון תשע"ו, 03/11/15)
UNRWA 'Infant Mortality' Report Deeply Flawed - Foreign Affairs - Newsfic study on the subject, the Israellycool blog revealed Sunday - then fed that report to several international news agencies. UNRWA sent a press release with t
(כ"ה באב תשע"ה, 10/08/15)
Vatican Defends 'Angel of Peace' Remark to Mahmoud Abbas - Foreign Affairs - Newsacy of the translation by the Israellycool blog, which pointed out that the Italian was written in the exhortative (using the word "sia"). Several Italian-langu
(כ"ט באייר תשע"ה, 18/05/15)
Did the Pope Really Call Abbas an 'Angel of Peace'? - In Other News... - Newsacy of the translation by the Israellycool blog, which pointed out that the Italian was written in the exhortative (using the word "sia"). Several Italian-langu
(כ"ח באייר תשע"ה, 17/05/15)
Rock Legend Alan Parsons Rebuffs Roger Waters' BDS Call - Foreign Affairs - Newsluded a link to a blog on the Israellycool website reporting on Waters' failed attempt. The blog speculated "while Waters did not publish Alan"s response, one c
(כ' בשבט תשע"ה, 09/02/15)
Abbas's Creepy Smile at Anti-Terror Rally Gets Photo-bombed - In Other News... - Newsiter with the pro-Israel blog Israellycool, that he decided to go on a photo-bombing spree, intersplicing Abbas's image in various tragic pictures. The result i
(כ"ב בטבת תשע"ה, 13/01/15)
Reuters, The Forward and Media Jihad - Articlesre were Zionists. The website Israellycool alerts us to what the coverage was like at The Forward attending to a particularly awful terrorist attack in Israel.A
(ז' בטבת תשע"ה, 29/12/14)
Arab Facebook Group Celebrating Kidnapping Banned - Middle East - News seen at the page of blogger "Israellycool," who first reported the phenomenon. The blogger noted his opposition to removing the Facebook page, saying "if peopl
(כ"א בסיון תשע"ד, 19/06/14)
Fly-tilla ‘Anti-Racists' Scrawl Swastika at Airport - Foreign Affairs - Newsy was quoted as saying on the Israellycool website.Israel still is holding 47 foreign activists, three of them Canadian and the others from Britain, France and
(כ"ה בניסן תשע"ב, 17/04/12)