New PA Libel: Israeli Torture

The Palestinian Authority, committed to ending incitement against Israel, has unveiled on PA TV a new libel: alleged Israeli torture.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 10:19 PM

Torture libel by PA
Torture libel by PA
Israel news photo: PMW

WARNING: The contents of this article and accompanying pictures may be deemed offensive by some readers and unsuitable for children.

The Palestinian Authority, committed to ending incitement against Israel, has unveiled a new libel: alleged Israeli torture, which has been reported on PA television and translated into English by Palestinian Media Watch.

None of the charges have been reported by any Arab or international human rights groups, in those that are constantly anti-Israel. The charges also do not include any evidence from former Arab prisoners.





At left are some of the caricatures -- without evidence -- of the alleged torture.

Among other allegations, Israeli prison guards of Arab prisoners are accused of:

– Burning into a prisoner's chest with a hot iron;

– Drilling a hole through a prisoner's hand;

– Burning into a prisoner's shoulder with a soldering iron;

– Whipping a prisoner while hanging him by his feet ;

– Squeezing a prisoner's head in a medieval-looking head press; and

– Chopping off a prisoner's arm below the elbow.

The “For You” Palestinian Authority television program, broadcast twice a week, includes footage from the prisoners' home villages and interviews with their family members, who send them televised messages.

PA TV is part of the Ramallah-based government headed by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Another PA television program tried to get a former prisoner to attest to difficult conditions or torture, but he did not cooperate. The television program host repeatedly asked if Megiddo detention center prisoners lacked anything, but the answer was, "By Allah, the guys in the prison are fine. They lack nothing.”

However, the same week that the libelous programs began to be broadcast, an article in an official Palestinian Authority newspaper reported how prisoners are given the opportunity to earn university degrees, noting that “more than 10,000 Palestinian prisoners have attained matriculation certificates while still in the occupation prisons” over the past 10 years.

The newspaper earlier this month interviewed prisoner Ayman Al-Hamoud, who said that many prisoners are registered at the Hebrew University. The article noted, “Many regard released prisoner Fahd Abu Al-Hajj as an example motivating them to achieve the highest degrees: He entered prison illiterate, in 1978, and now he holds a Ph.D... Today there are some 200 prisoners who are registered at various universities around the world."