Combat Soldiers Dance to a Beat

Combat soldiers patrolling in Hevron found a way to relieve tensions and were filmed dancing to the pop song “Tick Tock.”

IsraelNN Staff , | updated: 11:02 PM

Soldiers Dancing in Hebron
Soldiers Dancing in Hebron

Six Israel infantry soldiers performed an “about face" amidst the tension of patrolling in Hevron and were filmed dancing to the pop song “Tick Tock” down a threateningly empty street. The soldiers were filmed in full combat gear.

Hevron, traditionally one of Judaism's  four holy cities, has been a flash point of constant attempts by Arabs to attack soldiers and the Jewish community in the city. The other holy cities are Jerusalem, Tzfat (Safed) and Tiberias. Rock throwing, firebombs, sniper fire and stabbing attacks by Arabs are frequent. It is considered a dangerous assignment for soldiers.

The IDF said the video was a “stunt” initiated by the soldiers, who may face an investigation for acting their age for a few minutes and finding a unique way of taking a break from army routine.