Ocasio-Cortez: Israel is 'criminal' in treatment of Arabs

American Jewish Congress President blasts freshman congresswoman: AOC prefers bias and ignorance over the truth.Elad Benari, 8/2/2019, 2:30 AM

Jewish groups praise Vatican's decision to open WWII archives

American Jewish Committee, Anti-Defamation League welcome Vatican's decision to open the archives of Pius XII.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/5/2019, 5:50 AM

When Jewish politics trumped Holocaust rescue

The sad story of how one man's unbridled pursuit of power stopped the protests that might have made FDR do something to help European Jewry.Dr. Rafael Medoff, 12/25/2018, 10:22 PM

How Historians will see Canary Mission years from now

Canary Mission has arguably proven itself the single most effective effort against BDS and hate speech. A CM program called “Ex-Canary” features remorseful hate speech purveyors. Edwin Black, 12/21/2018, 2:26 PM

Rivlin to AJC: Let's work together for the world's benefit

President Rivlin welcomes delegation from the leadership of the AJC upon the organization's arrival in Jerusalem for its Global Forum.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/10/2018, 2:18 PM

Israeli artists versus the European Parliament

Israeli cartoon exhibition highlighting Iranian human rights violations opens in Brussels near EP- which refused to present it.Nitsan Keidar, 2/21/2018, 7:31 PM

Jewish organizations hail Trump's Jerusalem move

Jewish organizations in the United States welcome recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, embassy move there.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/7/2017, 4:15 AM

'The US must stop supporting the PA'

Public Security Minister asserts that PA cannot be granted financial aid as long as it is funding terror.Nitsan Keidar, 6/6/2017, 8:08 AM

Jewish organizatons unite in condemnation of UNESCO vote

American Jewish Congress, European Jewish Congress respond to 'diplomatic assault'.Mordechai Sones, 5/2/2017, 8:46 PM

AJC criticizes Israel’s anti-BDS law

American Jewish Committee “troubled” by Israeli law banning entry to foreigners who publicly call for boycotting the Jewish state.JTA, 3/8/2017, 3:32 AM

Trump berated for blasting haredi reporter

American Jewish Committee, Anti-Defamation League decry Trump’s treatment of reporter who asked about anti-Semitic incidents.JTA, 2/17/2017, 2:59 AM

NY Education department apologizes for anti-Israel cartoon

New York State Education Department apologizes for anti-Israel political cartoon in Regents exam.Yoel Domb, 2/9/2017, 8:35 AM

Jewish liberals, when will they ever learn?

There they go, reaching out again to those who would gladly see them disappear. Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 11/15/2016, 9:14 AM

AJC: Condemn Iran for Holocaust denial

AJC urges members of European Parliament to condemn Iran's human rights abuse, Holocaust denial.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/21/2016, 12:15 AM

AJC, how about Standing with Israel instead of Breaking the Silence?

The AJC should Stand With Israel – not with Breaking the Silence and The New Israel Fund. Ronn Torossian, 1/6/2016, 12:00 PM

European Parliament Sees No Need for Jewish State?

EP rejects amendment calling for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations to be based on two-state principle.Arutz Sheva staff, 9/10/2015, 7:37 PM

Prominent Jewish American Group Rejects Iran Deal

American Jewish Committee says it concluded overwhelmingly it must oppose Iran nuclear deal.Elad Benari, 8/6/2015, 6:45 AM

IDF Lone Soldiers from US Celebrate Thanksgiving

Soldiers serving while living apart from their families are 'IDF's unconventional secret weapon,' as MK Lipman joins in on the festivities.Ari Yashar, 11/27/2014, 8:46 PM

Sha Shtil!

, 5/13/2014, 2:05 PM

'Uphold Conviction of Anti-Israel Protesters'

Jewish groups urge court to uphold conviction of 10 individuals for interrupting speech given by Ambassador Michael Oren at UC Irvine.Rina Tzvi , 7/9/2013, 5:06 PM

I am Ashamed of the AJC

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, 6/19/2013, 12:13 PM

Kerry to Address Leading Jewish Convention

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will address the American Jewish Committee 2013 Global Forum on Sunday in Washington, D.C. Arutz Sheva staff, 5/26/2013, 1:01 PM

Jewish Group Honors US Ambassador to UN

American Jewish Committee honors US Ambassador to UN, saying she “puts courage and principle above convenience and cynicism.”Arutz Sheva staff, 5/14/2013, 1:13 AM

Jewish-Latino Relations 'Have Come a Long Way'

Groups sign cooperative agreement to jointly deepen and strengthen relations between the Jewish and Latino communities in the United States.Arutz Sheva staff, 5/3/2013, 11:49 AM

Greek Neo-Nazi Party Targets Leading Jewish Group

Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has launched attack against leading Jewish organization, charging "Zionists" control Greek, US policy. Arutz Sheva staff, 5/1/2013, 8:51 PM

'Act Expeditiously to Reverse Israel Boycott'

AJC: “This pernicious resolution stands in stark contrast to broader American academic community position opposing such [Israel] boycotts."Arutz Sheva staff, 4/29/2013, 1:01 PM

AJC Urges Senate to Take Closer Look at Hagel

The American Jewish Committee is calling for “further Senate deliberation” on defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel. Rachel Hirshfeld , 2/17/2013, 1:57 PM

Golden Dawn Attacks AJC Leader For Greece Visit

Neo-Nazi party: American Jewish Committee's visit is an attempt to exert "Jewish influence over Greek political issues."Rachel Hirshfeld , 1/27/2013, 5:38 PM

AJC Outraged at Facebook's Treatment of Abu Toameh

American Jewish Committee expressed outrage over Facebook’s treatment of Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh. Rachel Hirshfeld , 1/17/2013, 1:13 AM

AJC Condemns Terror Against Christians in Nigeria

Two terrorist attacks shook the besieged Nigerian Christian community on Christmas Eve, resulting in 12 Christian deaths. Arutz Sheva staff, 12/28/2012, 2:44 AM

German Ruling 'Milestone' in Religious Freedom

Jewish groups have praised the decision by the German Parliament to allow religious circumcision.Rachel Hirshfeld, 12/13/2012, 7:27 PM

AJC Donates $50,000 to Red Cross for Sandy Victims

The American Jewish Committee has donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of Hurricane SandyRachel Hirshfeld , 11/4/2012, 4:38 PM

7 Jewish Groups Withdraw from Interfaith Dialogue

Seven Jewish groups pulled out of a interfaith dialogue, in response to letter sent to Congres accusing israel of human rights violations. Rachel Hirshfeld , 10/18/2012, 3:02 PM

AJC Outraged by Call for Investigation of Israel

Christian call for congressional probe of Israel is attempt to penalize Jewish state for defending its citizens, AJC announced.Rachel Hirshfeld , 10/9/2012, 11:52 AM

Defying Israel, UN Chief Confirms Tehran Trip

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will attend Iran for NAM summit, defying objections from Israel, US and Jewish groups to boycott the event.Rachel Hirshfeld, 8/23/2012, 1:14 PM

AJC Urges UN Secretary General to Skip Iran Summit

American Jewish Committee is asking UN Secretary General to reconsider visiting Iran for the Non-Aligned Movement summit. Rachel Hirshfeld , 8/9/2012, 10:14 PM

Anti-Semitism in Jewish Day School in Chicago

Anti-Semitic graffiti, saying "Kill & Rape Jews," was found spray-painted on a North Side synagogue and Jewish day school, in Chicago.Rachel Hirshfeld, 3/29/2012, 1:23 PM

Hitler Shampoo Commercial Pulled from Air

A Turkish commercial for men’s shampoo featuring Adolf Hitler has been pulled following widespread protests from the Jewish community. Rachel Hirshfeld, 3/28/2012, 1:27 PM

IDF Talks Turkey with US Soldiers for Thanksgiving

The IDF and the American Jewish Committee thank “lone American soldiers” on Thanksgiving with a holiday turkey meal.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 11/27/2011, 8:17 AM

AJC Hosts IDF Troops for Turkey

Lone American immigrants serving in the IDF joined the American Jewish Committee last week in Jerusalem for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.Chana Ya'ar, 11/28/2010, 10:32 AM

Jordan to US Jews: Help PA State

Jordan's King Abdullah II met with American Jewish leaders Tuesday, urging them to help pressure Israel to accept the 2002 Saudi Peace Plan.Hana Levi Julian, 11/19/2009, 10:59 AM

Amazon Sells Shoah-Denial Books

The American Jewish Committee filed a complaint against the Amazon online book distributers for selling books which deny the Holocaust.Avraham Zuroff, 7/26/2009, 7:10 AM