French far-left politician jokes about 'burning Jews'

Taha Bouhafs of France Unbowed party makes Holocaust joke amid spate of anti-Semitic vandalism.Cnaan Lipshitz/JTA, 3/14/2019, 5:22 PM

'Vandalized' French synagogue memorial - an accident

Police say memorial to French synagogue was destroyed not by vandals - but by car accident. 'No anti-Semitism found in this case.'AFP, 3/8/2019, 9:19 AM

Belgium: French jihadi convicted of murdering 4 in Jewish museum

French Muslim who murdered four at Brussels Jewish museum after returning to Europe from Syria found guilty by Belgian court.AFP, Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/7/2019, 10:12 PM

France, the aspiring Judenrein Islamic Republic

France is undergoing a great change in civilization and culture and there is no room for Jews in it. Giulio Meotti, 3/6/2019, 11:40 PM

Terrorist who murdered Holocaust survivor shot after standoff

French jihadist who brutally murdered Jewish Holocaust survivor used pregnant wife to smuggle knife into prison during conjugal visit.David Rosenberg, 3/6/2019, 11:35 AM

Swastikas scrawled on former synagogue in France

Swastikas discovered on door and facade of building in the town of Mommenheim that formerly held a synagogue.Ben Ariel, 3/5/2019, 2:35 AM

'Any attack on Jews is an attack on us all'

Strasbourg mayor, chief rabbi join 1,000 people at rally against anti-Semitism at vandalized Jewish cemetery.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/3/2019, 10:08 PM

Strasbourg rabbi: We will continue our lives

Strasbourg's Rabbi Weill demands law enforcement respond with 'determination and efficiency,' says community is 'not afraid.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/3/2019, 12:18 AM

'Time to make anti-Semitism a top priority'

World Zionist Organization's Yaakov Hagoel condemns Strasbourg anti-Semtism, says it's 'time to admit it's an anti-Semitic attack.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/2/2019, 8:06 PM

Vandals hit memorial stone at Strasbourg's Old Synagogue

Memorial stone marking site of synagogue destroyed by Nazis vandalized. Mayor: Enough is enough.AFP, 3/2/2019, 6:36 PM

Grenoble's rabbi says 50% of congregants have left town

"We fear for our children at school, on the street," says rabbi. "So as responsible parents, we take measures.”JTA, 3/1/2019, 4:31 PM

French 'yellow vests' want Venezuela?

On a deeper level the yellow vests was a movement powered by hatred of the rich and ultimately Jew hatred.Israel News Talk Radio, 2/28/2019, 12:41 AM

Paris-area Jewish school receives hate mail

Jewish school south of Paris sent letters celebrating the Holocaust. "Death to Jews" painted on fence of synagogue in separate incident.Ben Ariel, 2/27/2019, 4:32 AM

French sports retailer won't sell hijab

French sportswear retailer Decathlon scraps plans to sell hijab for women runners in France following public outcry.Elad Benari, 2/27/2019, 3:09 AM

French leaders' reactions to rising anti-Semitism in France

French President Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have responded to rising anti-Semitism in France with different approaches.i24News, 2/21/2019, 1:26 PM

Macron: France will adopt int'l definition of anti-Semitism

French President denounces anti-Semitism, says "anti-Zionism is one of the forms of modern anti-Semitism."Elad Benari, 2/21/2019, 12:05 AM

EJC applauds French MPs who say anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

European Jewish Congress welcomes discussions in the French Parliament on how to criminalize anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/20/2019, 6:05 PM

Paris: ECI joins national demonstration against anti-Semitism

'Expressing appreciation of our Jewish communities in the public domain is the best antidote to anti-Semitism.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/20/2019, 4:52 PM

Thousands protest against anti-Semitism in Paris

Thousands take to the streets of Paris to protest spate of recent anti-Semitic attacks.Elad Benari, 2/20/2019, 3:46 AM

Man shot by air rifle outside Paris-area synagogue

2 teens arrested for firing air rifle at synagogue from nearby balcony. Jewish community says attack not anti-Semitic.Cnaan Lipshitz/JTA, 2/19/2019, 7:48 PM

Netanyahu: Anti-Semitism an 'epidemic' that endangers everyone

PM Netanyahu calls on French European leaders to act against anti-Semitism following desecration of French Jewish cemetery.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/19/2019, 6:06 PM

Cabinet minister to French Jews: 'Come home'

Minister Galant says vandalism of French Jewish cemetery “reminiscent of dark days in the history of the Jewish people."Tal Polon, 2/19/2019, 4:02 PM

France: 80 graves in Jewish cemetery vandalized

Swastikas painted on roughly 80 grave markers at Jewish cemetery in eastern France near German border.AFP, 2/19/2019, 1:55 PM

14 French political parties rally against rise in anti-Semitism

French political parties call for protests against wave of anti-Semitism. Far-right and far-left parties do not join in appeal.Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 2/19/2019, 8:03 AM

Twitter suspends account of far-right French weekly

Twitter account of French weekly Rivarol suspended after repeated denunciations by watchdogs.Ben Ariel, 2/19/2019, 5:15 AM

Macron slams 'unacceptable' surge of anti-Semitism in France

French president links recent anti-Semitic incidents to 'yellow vest' protests following report of 74% increase in anti-Semitic incidents.AFP, 2/13/2019, 5:38 PM

Minister: Anti-Semitism in France spreading like poison

France's interior minister decries 'poison' of bigotry, notes 74% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in France in 2018 over previous year.David Rosenberg, 2/12/2019, 10:25 AM

Memorial for murdered French Jew vandalized near Paris

Tree planted in Paris suburb in honor of Jewish man tortured to death chopped down by vandals.David Rosenberg, 2/12/2019, 9:57 AM

Anti-Semitic graffiti found in Paris for 2nd time in 3 days

Swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti found in several locations across Paris, the second time in 3 days such graffiti has been found.Marcy Oster, JTA, 2/12/2019, 7:28 AM

‘Juden!’ spray painted in yellow on window of Paris bagel shop

Bagel shop in Paris vandalized with anti-Semitic tag.Marcy Oster, JTA, 2/10/2019, 6:46 PM

Online anti-Semitism, hate speech sweep through France

Groups spread hateful messages around France on the internet, as Europe sees an uptick in anti-Semitic behavior. i24NEWS reports.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/7/2019, 2:08 PM

Arson suspected after 10 killed in Paris fire

10 people were killed, dozens more injured, after fire broke out in Paris apartment building.One suspect arrested.David Rosenberg, 2/5/2019, 2:31 PM

France blasts Israel for kicking observers out of Hevron

French foreign ministry says booting international observers could "heighten tensions," while Israel "pursues its settlement policy."Nitzan Keidar, 2/5/2019, 12:48 PM

'Jew-hatred and anti-Zionism are both anti-Semitism'

President Rivlin opens 'Beyond Duty' exhibition in France, telling the story of diplomats who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/24/2019, 12:16 PM

Security guard thwarted attack on Jewish Agency rep in Paris

Security guard thwarted an anti-Semitic assault on the top representative of the Jewish Agency for Israel in France, witness says.Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 1/23/2019, 10:12 PM

French Holocaust denier given year in jail for anti-Semitism

French court sentences Holocaust denier to year in prison for incitement after he claimed Jews are 'domineering and hateful.'Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 1/20/2019, 3:22 PM

Protesters crash Israeli Eurovision winner's performance

Protesters crash stage of Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals in France, call for boycott of contest in Israel.Elad Benari, 1/20/2019, 4:57 AM

Iran to France: Ballistic missiles are our right

Iran responds after France calls on Iran to immediately stop all activities linked to ballistic missiles.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 1/11/2019, 10:35 PM

Anti-Semitism among French gas tax protesters demoralizing Jews

Some 'Yellow Vest' demonstrators protesting France's gas taxes and cost of living embracing anti-Semitic tropes and rhetoric.Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA, 1/11/2019, 7:42 AM

French aliyah decreased 4 years after deadly supermarket attack

Four years ago, 4 people were murdered at kosher supermarket in Paris. Much has happened in France since, and what's happened is a paradox.i24News, 1/10/2019, 9:22 PM

EU sanctions Iranian intelligence unit

European Union freezes assets of an Iranian intelligence unit and two of its staff in response to its actions in Denmark and France.Ben Ariel, 1/9/2019, 5:00 AM

Germany returns Nazi-looted work to French Jew's heirs

German government returns 19th century painting taken by Nazis from French Jewish politician and resistance leader Georges Mandel.AFP, 1/8/2019, 8:51 PM

France: Arab World Institute removes bloody Netanyahu photo

French government institute devoted to promoting Arab culture removes picture of Netanyahu with blood-stained from its website.JTA, 12/31/2018, 6:53 PM

France blasts Israel over settlement construction

French foreign ministry accuses Israel of violating international law with new housing plans, calls on Israel to 'reconsider decisions.'David Rosenberg, 12/28/2018, 10:51 AM

French woman confronts anti-Semitic protesters in Paris

74-year-old Jewish woman whose father was killed in Auschwitz confronts three men who made "reverse Nazi salute".Ben Ariel, 12/25/2018, 5:36 AM

Suspect tied to Charlie Hebdo attack charged

French authorities charge fugitive extremist who is suspected of helping organize 2015 shooting attack at satirical French newspaper.Ben Ariel, 12/24/2018, 5:07 AM

Strasbourg shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS

French judicial official says the gunman who killed five people at the Christmas market in Strasbourg pledged allegiance to jihadists.Elad Benari, 12/23/2018, 4:47 AM

'French prison turned our son to ISIS'

Parents of young Muslim in France imprisoned two years for theft, intend to sue justice system because of his Islamization in prison.Mordechai Sones, 12/22/2018, 11:14 PM

Paris store says Ben Gurion Airport is in 'occupied territory'

Jewelry store at Paris Orly airport apologizes for describing Ben Gurion Airport as being located in “Occupied Palestine Territories”.Elad Benari, Canada, 12/21/2018, 10:29 PM

Jewish woman attacked by two teens in Paris suburb

20-year-old woman says two teenagers hurling anti-Semitic insults robbed and hit her in Sarcelles, breaking her nose.Ben Ariel, 12/19/2018, 5:44 AM

Alleged accomplice of Strasbourg attacker charged

French anti-terrorist court charges man for allegedly supplying a revolver used in last week’s shooting attack.Ben Ariel, 12/18/2018, 2:36 AM

Fifth victim in Strasbourg attack dies of wounds

Polish national wounded in shooting attack at Strasbourg Christmas market dies, bringing death toll to 5.Ben Ariel, 12/17/2018, 4:04 AM

Family members of Strasbourg attacker released from custody

French authorities free parents and two brothers of Cherif Chekatt, who carried out attack at Strasbourg Christmas market.Ben Ariel, 12/16/2018, 2:17 AM

Death toll in Strasbourg attack rises to four

Italian journalist dies of wounds sustained in attack in Strasbourg Christmas market earlier this week.Ben Ariel, Canada, 12/14/2018, 9:30 PM

ISIS claims Strasbourg shooting attack

ISIS says terrorist who murdered three in Strasbourg was its "soldier".Elad Benari, 12/14/2018, 12:35 AM

Strasbourg shooter killed

Police find, kill Islamist terrorist who murdered 3 in Christmas market shooting.Gary Willig, 12/13/2018, 10:56 PM

'We want to preserve the quiet life in Strasbourg'

Rabbi of Strasbourg describes feelings in Jewish community following attack. 'There is tension because the terrorist hasn't been caught.'Yoni Kempinski, 12/12/2018, 3:37 PM