Keep Older Brains Sharp with Omega 3, Vitamins

Researchers are finding that perhaps we truly are what we eat. Diet does play a significant role in how our brains work as we age.Hana Levi Julian, MSW, LCSW-R, 1/1/2012, 10:10 AM

Study: Cinnamon Inhibits Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies were inspired by Biblical passage describing a preparation used by High Priests. Caution: too much raw cinnamon is dangerous. Gil Ronen, 6/13/2011, 9:23 PM

New Israeli Drug for Alzheimer's Disease in Advanced Trials

A new medication designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease and improve its psychological symptoms is entering advanced trials.Hana Levi Julian, 4/21/2010, 4:12 PM