Emergency fund to help the wife & 6 orphans of R Zevi Halberstam

Reb Zevi Halberstam was just 42 when he succumbed to the coronavirus, leaving behind a wife and 6 children.Sponsored by The Chesed Fund, Monday, 10:32 PM

Families left behind to mourn COVID-19 victims

The Jewish communities of New York and New Jersey are reeling, as COVID-19 rips through the population, robbing the world of precious lives.Sponsored by Ezras Yisroel, Monday, 2:38 PM

Watch: “He Will Not Be Sick!”

Watch what happened when Rav Chaim Kanievsky was asked what donors to Vaad HaRabbanim’s cholim fund should merit in returnVaad HaRabbanim, Sunday, 3:25 PM

Tzohar and Arutz Sheva online chametz sale

The year we are all isolated and the synagogues are locked - Sell chametz without leaving the home through the Tzohar organization.Tzohar & Arutz Sheva, Sunday, 3:15 PM

Listen Live! Prayer day initiated by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

Important spiritual Initiative in wake of coronavirus crisisChofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, 3/25/2020, 8:10 PM

In age of corona, Jews around world look to rabbis for guidance

Even during a time of social distancing, it is still possible to give tzedakah to help those in needIn cooperation with Kupat Hair, 3/24/2020, 11:52 PM

Breaking: Poverty in Israel continues to rise

Now more than ever, poverty in Israel is on the rise. Yad Ezra V'Shulamit has been helping many families through this difficult time.Yad Ezra V'Shulamit, 3/24/2020, 4:08 PM

Charity and kindness in wake of the coronavirus

Meet Meir Panim's volunteers are sorting, cooking, and packing to help feed Israel's needy and homebound during the coronavirus outbreakIn cooperation with Meir Panim, 3/24/2020, 2:41 PM

Israel approaching total lockdown as coronavirus spreads

Israel issues new restrictions specifying that that no one leave their home for any non-essential reason.Communicated Content, 3/24/2020, 12:27 AM

Israeli boy who suffered traumatic fall injury needs your help

Yanky suffered brain damage after falling at the age of five. Insurance only covers part of his medical bills., 3/17/2020, 4:06 PM

Help Maayan today!

Charity campaign: Help 11-year-old Maayan, who is suffering from a rare neurological disease., 3/11/2020, 6:59 PM

'A vote for ZOA Coalition is a vote to defend Israel'

The ZOA was the only US group at the first World Zionist Congress in 1897, helping to lay the foundation for the creation of Israel. OpinionYaakov Hagoel, 3/9/2020, 11:37 AM

5 Key Differences Between CBD and CBDA

CBDA is cannabidiolic acid. It is one of the many compounds found in cannabis and hemp. CBDA is abundant in live plants.Guest Post , 3/4/2020, 7:25 PM

How every Jew can help rewrite Jewish history

Now is the time to tackle the big issues and oppose the agenda of the far-left groups, which will harm Israel and Jews worldwide., 2/27/2020, 8:31 AM

Merchant Cash Advance: Bridge To Your Financial Future?

At MCH Financial, merchant cash advance serves as part of a larger plan for financial independence., 2/26/2020, 6:43 PM

Yerkin Tatishev’s Kusto Group

Yerkin Tatishev’s Kusto Group Invests in Israeli Incubator Initiative to Transform Innovative Ideas into RealityTogether with Kusto Group, 2/26/2020, 11:42 AM

Help Rabbi Cohen Save His Foot

Father of 7 risks losing his entire foot to infectious disease., 2/25/2020, 5:07 PM

Devastating Flood Destroys Yeshiva in Miami

Beit Midrash in Yeshivas Doresh now a pool after heavy rains, flooding in Miami., 2/25/2020, 3:09 PM

Want to join the Israeli tech scene? Here's how

Israel Tech Challenge trains top candidates for leading positions in the Israeli hi-tech sector.In cooperation with ITC, 2/24/2020, 10:14 PM

Using only Jewish builders

The stunning shell of The amazing and beautiful building Kollel Chatzos in Beitar is nearing completion.By Ashira Stern, 2/21/2020, 2:43 PM

Supporting Malachey Hashalom Farm

A flock of 120 sheep worth NIS 300,000 was stolen by Arabs this week from Malachey Hashalom Farm.Sponsored Content, 2/20/2020, 11:02 PM

Princess Diana’s niece converting to Judaism

Kitty Spencer, the cousin of Princes Harry and William, is converting to Judaism ahead of her marraige to fashion tycoon Michael Lewis.Marcy Oster, JTA, 2/16/2020, 9:08 PM

Join the 10,000-strong crowd-learning Shmiras Haloshon campaign

Join thousands in a historic global learning campaign to protect Klal Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel.Sponsored Content, 2/16/2020, 4:24 PM

Watch: US seizes ship carrying 150 Iranian missiles

USS Normandy seizes ship carrying Iranian weapons to Yemen in Arabian Sea.Gary Willig, 2/13/2020, 10:01 PM

11-year-old boy in Israel fighting brain tumor

An 11 year old Israeli boy needs our help. He is battling a severe brain tumor that doctors don't know what the outcome will be.Shlomo, 2/13/2020, 3:49 AM

4th Annual Educators Conference expected to attract hundreds

The 4th Annual Holocaust Studies Conference is scheduled for this coming Sunday and Monday in New York.Deborah Schechter, 2/13/2020, 2:03 AM

MLB will no longer promote Roger Waters

Following protest, Major League Baseball says it will not schedule any more advertising on its platforms promoting anti-Israel musician.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/9/2020, 3:03 AM