IDF locates another tunnel on Lebanon border

The tunnel passes from Lebanese territory into Israel and was active in recent days.Arutz Sheva, Saturday, 6:54 PM

Bahrain criticizes Hezbollah over terror tunnels

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister says Hezbollah threatens Lebanon's stability by digging terror tunnels into Israeli territory.Ben Ariel, Friday, 5:06 AM

Lebanese FM: Israel preparing for military assault

Lebanon's Foreign Minister instructs UN envoy to complain against Israel's operation against Hezbollah's tunnels.Elad Benari, Friday, 4:39 AM

UN peacekeepers confirm existence of tunnel near Lebanon border

UNIFIL confirms the presence of a tunnel in northern Israel near the Lebanese border.Ben Ariel, Friday, 4:10 AM

'Whoever attacks us - his blood is on his own head'

PM meets foreign ambassadors on northern border, calling on them to condemn tunnel terror and intensify sanctions on Iran and its proxies.Nitzan Keidar, Thursday, 2:22 PM

Watch: Every 3rd home in Lebanon

If you lived in southern Lebanon, you or at least one neighbor would have Hezbollah terror assets in your basement.Arutz Sheva Staff, Thursday, 1:53 PM

What does Israel hope to achieve on Lebanese border?

Reserve IDF Brig. General Yosef Kuperwasser analyzes what Israel hopes to achieve, and how operation affects country's internal politics.i24News, Thursday, 12:43 PM

'There's no reason why Nasrallah should sleep quietly'

Agriculture Minister meets with northern mayors, farmers after operation commences, discussing efforts to strengthen regional agriculture.Mordechai Sones, Thursday, 11:59 AM

EU supports Israel in 'Northern Shield' operation

EU Ambassador to Israel: 'Israel has the right to safeguard the security of its citizens and territory.'Tal Polon, Thursday, 11:15 AM

Lebanese PM: Israel's operation shouldn't lead to escalation

Saad Hariri says Israel’s operation to destroy Hezbollah terror tunnels should not lead to “any escalation”.Elad Benari, Thursday, 6:08 AM

Zionist Union MK: This operation is necessary and timely

MK Eyal Ben Reuven rejects claims that political considerations were behind Operation Northern Shield.Shimon Cohen, Thursday, 5:35 AM

Germany, Britain back Israel and condemn Hezbollah

Germany’s Ambassador to Israel and British Minister of State for the Middle East express support for Israel's efforts against Hezbollah.Elad Benari, Thursday, 4:40 AM

Netanyahu to UN chief: Take action against Hezbollah

PM Netanyahu speaks with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, updates him on details of Operation Northern Shield.Nitsan Keidar, Thursday, 12:13 AM

IDF protests tunnel in meeting with UNIFIL, Lebanese forces

IDF slams 'severe violation of Israeli sovereignty' in trilateral meeting, after discovery of tunnel crossing into Israel from Lebanon.Arutz Sheva Staff, Wednesday, 8:18 PM

Hezbollah's plan: Infiltrate Israel, 'cut off' Metula

Terror organization set up a 'cement factory' to disguise the tunnels, senior officer reveals.Kobi Finkler, Wednesday, 4:37 PM

Russia: Israel has right to defend itself from Hezbollah tunnels

Following launch of IDF operation against terror tunnels from Lebanon, Russia backs Israeli right to self-defense - with caveats.David Rosenberg, Wednesday, 1:30 PM

This is Hezbollah's terror tunnel

IDF releases aerial photos depicting cross-border attack tunnel that was dug by Hezbollah.Elad Benari, Wednesday, 7:03 AM

Cruz: Israel has 'absolute right' to dismantle Hezbollah tunnels

Texas Senator expresses support for IDF's Operation Northern Shield.Elad Benari, Wednesday, 2:37 AM

'Hezbollah advancing Iranian agenda to launch attacks on Israel'

UN Ambassador demands UN condemn Hezbollah attack tunnels and hold Lebanon 'responsible for dangerous destabilization of region.'Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 9:37 PM

Understanding the danger of Hezbollah on Israel's Lebanon border

Israel's military destroys series of attack tunnels built by Hezbollah in Lebanon that stretch into Israeli territory.i24News, Tuesday, 9:20 PM

Yair Lapid: Northern action justified; forfeiture in south

Yesh Atid Chairman supports operation against northern border attack tunnels, but protests 'abandonment of south residents before Hamas'.Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 7:45 PM

Watch: Inside northern terror tunnel

IDF Footage depicting view from inside cross-border attack tunnel, dug from southern area of Kafr Kela.Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 6:29 PM

Netanyahu: Anyone who tries to harm Israel will pay heavy price

Israeli premier says IDF 'determined' locate and neutralize all cross-border terror tunnels from Lebanon leading into Israel.David Rosenberg, Tuesday, 1:48 PM

'Quiet in the south made current operation possible'

MK notes in retrospect why government did not respond more forcefully to Hamas rocket attacks. 'Legitimate frustration has taken a turn.'Hezki Baruch, Tuesday, 1:30 PM

Terror tunnel discovered on Israel-Lebanon border

IDF forces on Tuesday discover cross-border terror tunnel crossing from south Lebanon village into Israeli territory.David Rosenberg, Tuesday, 1:01 PM

'Don't approach the terror tunnels, your life is in danger'

IDF issues warning following launch of 'Northern Shield' to destroy terror tunnel threats along northern border.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 10:46 AM

"Nasrallah's 'surprise' has been thwarted"

Israeli ministers and MKs praise the IDF's launch of 'Northern Shield' to neutralize tunnel threats on the northern border.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 9:20 AM

IDF launches operation to destroy Hezbollah terror tunnels

IDF launches "Operation Northern Shield" to destroy terrorist tunnels dug by Hezbollah.Kobi Finkler, Tuesday, 7:29 AM