Mueller closes Russia probe, resigns from justice dept.

'Our investigation is complete,' Mueller says. 'Charging the president with a crime was not an option we could consider.'Tal Polon, 5/29/2019, 7:08 PM

Trump said he discussed 'Russian hoax' with Putin

Trump says he briefly discussed Mueller report in a call with Russian counterpart.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 5/3/2019, 11:08 PM

US Deputy Attorney General to resign

Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Robert Mueller to investigate Russia election meddling, to leave job on May 11.Ben Ariel, 4/30/2019, 12:51 AM

Mueller report to be made public on Thursday

Democrats take issue with fact that report won't be presented to Congress until after A-G's press conference.Ben Ariel, 4/18/2019, 4:59 AM

'I was targeted for supporting Israel, opposing Obama'

Former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos says State Department officials, Mueller investigation targeted him for his pro-Israeli positions.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/5/2019, 2:05 PM

From the Israeli press: What Americans understood and Israel doesn't

The US Constitution allows for only one way to topple an incumbent president:" Impeachment. The process does not take place in court or before a committee, nor in the prosecutor's office, but in the Houses of Congress which represent the public. Elchanan Speizer, 4/2/2019, 3:13 PM

Former Trump aide: I was targeted for my work with Israel

George Papadopoulos says Mueller report is 'total vindication' for Trump teams. 'I never met a single Russian official in my life.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/31/2019, 9:15 AM

America recognizes Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights

Obama had two final missions remaining to complete after the Democrats had lost the White House to Donald Trump: One was stabbing Israel in the back one last time.Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, 3/29/2019, 2:02 PM

Post-Mueller denial syndrome

A clueless generation is in post-Mueller denial. Turn on the news and on any of the channels you will find one of them. Jack Engelhard, 3/27/2019, 7:09 AM

Pence: A great day for America

US Vice President welcomes findings of Special Counsel's investigation on Russian interference in presidential election.Ben Ariel, 3/25/2019, 3:35 AM

Trump: This was an illegal takedown that failed

Trump responds to Mueller report: Hopefully somebody’s going to look at the other side.Ben Ariel, 3/25/2019, 2:09 AM

Mueller report: No Trump - Russia collusion

Much-anticipated report by special counsel Robert Mueller finds no evidence Trump campaign colluded with Russia during 2016 campaign.David Rosenberg, 3/24/2019, 10:18 PM

Special counsel concludes Russia investigation

Robert Mueller submits report to Attorney General, marking the end of his investigation into Russian interference in 2016 election.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 3/22/2019, 11:40 PM

Former Trump campaign manager sent to 47 months in prison

Paul Manafort sentenced for financial crimes uncovered during special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.Ben Ariel, 3/8/2019, 2:26 AM

Report: Mueller to submit report on Russia next week

US Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly will announce as early as next week the completion of special counsel Russia investigation.Ben Ariel, 2/21/2019, 3:08 AM

Judge rules: Former Trump campaign manager lied to FBI

Federal judge rules that Paul Manafort intentionally lied to the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller multiple times.Ben Ariel, 2/14/2019, 3:03 AM

Mueller's Russia probe nearly complete

Acting US attorney general says special counsel has almost finished investigation into collusion and Russian interference in 2016 election.Ben Ariel, 1/29/2019, 1:08 AM

Special Counsel: No prison time for former Trump adviser

Special Counsel asks federal court to spare Michael Flynn from prison time, citing his “substantial assistance” in Russia investigation.Ben Ariel, 12/5/2018, 5:03 AM

Trump's former campaign manager violated plea deal

Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement by lying to federal prosecutors, say Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Manafort's attorneys.Ben Ariel, 11/27/2018, 2:53 AM

Former Trump campaign chairman to cooperate with Mueller

Paul Manafort agrees to cooperate with special counsel's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 9/14/2018, 9:48 PM

Report: Former Trump campaign chairman to sign plea deal

Paul Manafort reportedly agrees to plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller.Ben Ariel, 9/14/2018, 3:09 AM

12 Russians indicted in DNC hacking

Special counsel Robert Mueller indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers in 2016 hacking of Democratic National Committee (DNC).Ben Ariel, Canada, 7/13/2018, 9:04 PM

Trump's former campaign manager sent to jail

Federal judge orders Paul Manafort to jail after revoking his bail.Ben Ariel, Canada, 6/15/2018, 8:15 PM

Does Mueller have an Israel problem?

Conservative Review says that the Special Counsel has an unsavory history of suspicion directed against Israel and Jews.Guy Cohen, 6/8/2018, 5:34 PM

Did Mueller suborn Comey's "Personal Document" response?

The key expression in Comey's response on whether his memos were personal or government property is "recollection, recorded," defined in the Federal Rules of Evidence. Did Mueller suggest using that legal term? When? Mark Langfan, 5/18/2018, 8:56 AM

Mueller can't immunize Trump against Congressional impeachment

Mueller can promise immunity, but not for accusing Trump of lying in the testimony he gives under that immunity. And who is to prove Comey and Mueller liars when they contradict Trump? Mark Langfan, 5/14/2018, 2:18 PM

You're better off in Jerusalem, President Trump

Late word has it that he won’t attend the opening. If so, he needs to change his mind, for his own good. Jack Engelhard, 5/8/2018, 6:16 AM

Trump informed he's not target of Mueller probe

Sources: Deputy Attorney General told Trump he is not a target of Special Counsel's Russia investigation.Ben Ariel, 4/20/2018, 3:45 AM

The shrinking of James Comey

Comey stands at 6 feet 8. That’s tall, yet every time he speaks he belittles himself. Worse, he belittles America. Jack Engelhard, 4/17/2018, 10:35 AM

Amid investigations, Trump dines with Dershowitz

Renowned Jewish jurist invited to White House. Did he advise the President on the Mueller investigation, or did the two speak about Israel?Guy Cohen, 4/11/2018, 7:31 PM

Trump should offensively depose Yates and Comey

Yates and Comey's statement to FISA contains words which they had to have known were inexact and untrue. What is Trump doing with that fact? Mark Langfan, 4/8/2018, 7:38 AM

Mueller: Trump not considered a criminal target

Investigation against US Pres. Trump continues - but Trump himself is not a criminal target, report says.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/4/2018, 9:30 AM

Trump: Willing to speak under oath with special counsel

Trump willing to speak under oath with Robert Mueller who is investigating Russia's election interference.Ben Ariel, 1/25/2018, 2:05 AM

Trump: Interview with special counsel 'unlikely'

Trump says it is unlikely he will have to sit down for interview with counsel probing alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.Ben Ariel, 1/11/2018, 3:36 AM

Report: Special counsel seeks interview with Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller could seek interview with the president on Russia involvement in 2016 election.Ben Ariel, 1/8/2018, 11:38 PM

Report: Kushner investigated over anti-Israel resolution

Special counsel reportedly looking into Jared Kushner’s involvement in Israel’s attempts to block UN Resolution 2334.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/22/2017, 4:34 AM

Senior Trump adviser questioned in Russia probe

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller interviews in probe into ties between Trump campaign and Russia.Ben Ariel, 11/10/2017, 3:38 AM

NY Post’s Goodwin sparks big apple newspaper war

Suddenly, it's open warfare between the NY Post and the NY Times. Jack Engelhard, 11/6/2017, 10:01 AM

Ex-Trump campaign manager pleads not guilty in Russia probe

Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to 12 charges, including conspiracy against the U.S.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/31/2017, 2:14 AM

Trump Jr. allowed to testify about meeting with Russian lawyer

Special Counsel reportedly has “no problem” with Trump's son testifying publicly about his controversial meeting with Russian lawyer.Ben Ariel, 7/19/2017, 3:13 AM

Justice Department to look at Trump Jr.'s emails

Official says Special Counsel's investigators plan to examine meeting and email exchanges disclosed by Trump's son as part of Russia probe.Ben Ariel, 7/12/2017, 2:06 AM

Trump has 'no intention' of firing special counsel

White House stresses Trump has no intention of firing Robert Mueller despite doubts about his objectivity.Ben Ariel, Canada, 6/23/2017, 11:44 PM

Trump's lawyer: President is not under investigation

Lawyer says tweet by US President about investigation was in response to newspaper article, not to any concrete information.Gary Willig, 6/18/2017, 8:50 PM

Report: Trump investigated for obstruction of justice

Officials say Robert Mueller, special counsel overseeing Russia investigation, examining whether Trump attempted to obstruct justice.Ben Ariel, 6/15/2017, 2:06 AM

Trump: Special counsel 'hurts our country'

President Trump denounces special counsel investigation into alleged links between his campaign and Russia.Ben Ariel, 5/19/2017, 1:06 AM

Former FBI Director to oversee Russia probe

Justice Department appoints Robert Mueller to oversee investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/18/2017, 3:12 AM